Tuesday, July 1, 2014

~Vintage Blouse Chronicles

Well, well, well....I decided to try whipping up a vintage blouse, because I didn't have one. I got some blue gingham (*swoon*) and red ricrac the other day so I could make a 4th of July-inspired blouse.
 I pulled out Simplicity 1590 - it's cute and retro-y, right? I knew there was a very good chance that it would n-o-t look good, so of course I made a toile (aka muslin aka "fake top") first. You know how they say that everyone can look good in a peplum top?
 Uh, yeah, that's not true. At all. It wasn't slimming in the bodice, and the peplum made my hips look like a freight train. (definition: not good)

It looks lovely on Thelma Lou...I guess it'll have to be her shirt from now on.
Well, I was still determined to have a vintage blouse, so next I pulled out Simplicity 1692.
This is cute, easy, and ought to look pretty decent, right?

This blouse didn't even look good on Thelma Lou, much less on me. It pretty much looked like a gunny sack with sleeves. I tried taking it in, but that didn't help a bit. 
So here I am with no vintage blouse pattern that works, and July 4th is only a few days away. I'll have to put on the ol' thinkin' cap, and see if there are any other patterns I can try. 
So what have I been up to, anyway???

-attending orchestra concerts and recitals at a local classical music festival (LOVE it!!)
-picking and canning green beans
-drafting a pattern for and making a regency chemise (next up is a bodiced petticoat - *groan*)
-starting a 1890s "leazing dress," reminiscent of Emma Timmins' outfit on Lark Rise to Candleford
-hand sewing another chemise for a nightgown
....amongst other things.

~Happy Independence Day!!~

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