Monday, May 26, 2014

Regency Gown: Simplicity 4055

*EDIT: This dress is now for sale in my Etsy shop!  See the listing here.*

At last! The long awaited Regency Dress post!!
Pattern used: Simplicity 4055
I have to say, this was the most wonderful experience I have ever had with a pattern. Ordinarily I have trouble with patterns, and they’re all stuffed full of crazy sewing language that I have yet to interpret. This pattern, however, is a different story. I basically had no trouble with it whatsoever! Hurray! AND, I made my very first buttonholes. I have conquered my fear of them forever. Victory.
I had only a week to make the whole entire dress, and I finished the hem the day before our Ladies' Day tea party. That was a miracle.
I made view B, using A sleeves, and making the back a button closure. I lengthened the bodice by three inches because the pattern is made to be worn with period underpinnings. I didn’t want to bother with that with this dress, so I chose to lengthen it. I also used elastic instead of a drawstring, to make it more wearer-friendly.
I love this pattern SO much, that I am already making another one! It is not only beautiful, but also absolutely comfortable. Pretty much, it’s a feel-good dress! 

I had to pick Bleak House, since the leading lady is Esther...

those flowers actually don't smell like anything...

I found cute shoes 5 days before the Ladies' Day, and they had to be ordered. 
That. was. scary. 

You will never play really well, Miss Bennet, unless you practice more!

I haven't gotten a chance to wear this collar with the dress yet, but I think it would be beautiful!

Back view. 


The hem! And I didn't even have to do it by hand!!

The way the placket ended up, we used snaps so that there wasn't a gap.


It is lined with lovely batiste, which feels wonderful on, and is the perfect weight for a lining.


Shoulder seams actually fall behind the ordinary shoulder seam area, like actual Regency gowns did.

Puff sleeves!!!

Sorry for the picture overload, but I love my dress so much, I just couldn't help it!!
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  1. Wow Esther it's beautiful! Well done! I'm planning to make myself a Regency dress too, this summer- but I doubt it'll be as pretty as this one. :)

  2. this is absolutely gorgeous!


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