Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Regency Chemise

At last...a post about my Regency chemise. I decided one day that I should make one, but guess what; I didn't feel like dishing out $15 for a pattern. I mean, it's not like they are already perfectly sized and ready to make or anything. Hehe.
So, really, a simple chemise shouldn't be hard to design, right? only takes three days and three partial mockups. And that's just to get the silly pattern made. Then I could finally start the actual garment.
After a few days of off-and-on sewing on it, I got it done. This was my first time flat-felling seams. I really like how it looks, inside and out. There won't be any ravelling going on there for a good long time.
I did sew it all by machine (I know...historical accuracy just went down the drain). I'll save that task for the next one.
I found Sense & Sensibility Patterns' Regency Undergarments Instructions to be very helpful. She shows a picture of each step, making it nice and easy to follow.
On to the pictures!!!



Sleeve gusset

Inside view of gusset seam

There is a ribbon drawstring inside, which ties and just tucks in. I embroidered an (of course pink) E on the front...just because.
My apologies for the less than stellar photos. We have a serious lighting problem, as well as an inexperienced photographer. (Yours truly). Working on that....

I am going to make a bodiced petticoat next, but first in line is my leazing dress. I'm counting on the farmer not to harvest his wheat until I get my dress done, but I think I need to hurry just in case.
And, HSF's challenge, Under $10 is due Monday. I want to get my leazing bonnet done in time for that. I really need to hurry!

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