Thursday, February 1, 2018

• Vintage Shoe Dreams •

Hello ladies!  I just wanted to write a post in case any of you did not yet see the new shoes that the fabulous Lauren and Abby of Royal Vintage Shoes have just introduced!  The new styles are just amazing, I'm pretty sure I want all of them, haha!  

One of my top favorites of the new collection are the Ginger 1930s shoes - they are seriously adorable and really do scream Ginger Rogers!  They are available in blue or red colorways.

The Rita sandals are the bomb, and are the one style that I already know I'm buying.  Versatile, wearable, and they even feature a street sole for everyday wear!  I can't wait to get them!  These are also available in black.

Okay. Cute shoe alert.  These Hepburn oxfords are pretty much the cutest, most quintessential 1930s shoe ever.  The tassels are removable in order to give the shoe two completely different looks!

Styled after golfing shoes from the '30s, these are a fabulous shoe that would look great with any outfit, from casual to dressy.

The green colorway is just as amazing!! 

And last, but not least, are the fabulous Gatsby T-straps.  These are so perfect for 1920s and even 1930s outfits, they would make a great closet staple.  These lovelies are also available in red and white.

Have fun shopping, ladies!  I can't wait to get my shoes - Royal Vintage shoes are always wonderfully comfortable and amazing quality.

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