Monday, October 20, 2014

• 1950s Favorite Fall Dress •

Months ago, I saw this fabric at JoAnn and fell in love with it. I ended up only getting enough for an apron and just loved it. A few months later, Lily of Mode de Lis posted about her fall dress, which happened to be made of the same fabric. I knew I had to have one like it. I was thrilled to find that JoAnn still had it in stock when we went back!

Since the neck had to be higher anyway, I decided to substitute a slightly different collar using Burda 7179. The collar isn't as big as the Simplicity pattern, but I still like it.
The only other alteration I made was making the sleeves less fitted. I love this dress!

The fabric called for big buttons, so these waffly ones fit the bill perfectly. 

I have been on the hunt for more vintage shoes, and found these online from DSW. They are leather, which makes them quite comfortable, and they have wooden heels! (very vintage)
This hat was my first vintage hat purchase ever from a local antique store.

My mom and I went out for a photo shoot in our matching fall dresses. It was such a beautiful day, we just couldn't resist going over to the nature preserve for some pictures. We got a few strange looks from passers by as we walked through the woods in high heels and petticoats.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

· What's Happening in the Sewing Room ·

My latest project, Simplicity 1587 in ~$1~ a yard polyester. It was an absolutely painful experience putting this dress together, but it was definitely worth the trouble. I love it, it's pretty, and it doesn't wrinkle!!
Next up is a jacket from McCall 6995, then some blouses, a skirt, and a hat!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

· 1940s Crocheted Hat ·

Don't tell me. I already know. It really doesn't match my dress. At all.
A few weeks back, we were at the antique store, and I happened to see a little crochet booklet full of hat patterns. It didn't take mch deliberation to know that I wanted it. There are about 6 different patterns in the book, including hats, gloves, bags, and even slippers! I have made three of the hats so far, with this one being the greatest success. 
The pattern calls for a yarn from the 1940-50s, which of course is no longer available. I used Caron One Pound yarn with an H hook and it worked great. It is thick enough to really give it body. I just love the design of the hat; the way the brim is designed makes it easy to turn it up one way or another.
Incidentally, the HSF snuck up on me this time, so I was compelled to google the phrase "poem about crocheting." Here it is, from Aussie Maria:

The rhythm of the hook
as it moves the yarn around
Calls to me in whispers
a sweet familiar sound.
My hand moves almost dreamlike
without a thought or care
As I fashion something new
for someone cold to wear.
Perhaps a scarf or cap
Maybe a blanket too
With each and every stitch
I think of more to do
So when the cold winds blow
and when the snow falls down
My yarn helps me to remember
Forgotten people all around.
I am the one who’s blessed
As my warm hands stitch away
I pray the rhythm of my hook
Will help someone in some small way.

Just in case you were wondering, the ghost-on-a-post is our bird feeder, covered with a bag to protect it from gluttonous deer.

The Challenge: Poetry in Motion
Fabric: Caron One Pound Yarn
Pattern: The Vagabond Hat from Star Book No. 79, 
Year: 1945
Notions: ----
How historically accurate is it? 100%
Hours to complete: 4-ish
First worn: Not yet.
Total cost: $2

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