Monday, July 28, 2014


Yep. We did it. We went leazing.
I'm afraid there's a vacancy in the 1890's dress department, however. I still hadn't finalized my plans for the design, and since the field had been harvested, we decided it was time to leaze, dress or no dress. 

I didn't know how much wheat there would be to leaze, if any, but I was in for a nice surprise. There were about 4-5 rows along one side of the field that the farmer didn't harvest, and there was a whole patch of it around a fallen tree. All in all, it was a big success.

I really like how my leazing apron came out. I'll post some pictures of it later on - right now it still has wheat in it!

I'm working on the jacket from Vogue 8767 for the HSF challenge, which is due later this week. I can't wait to finish it up and share some pictures!

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