Monday, August 31, 2015

100 Years Early • HSM #8

This just doesn't look like Grandma's wedding suit, does it? Or maybe she was just a lot older than she liked to admit? ;)
Nope. The truth of the matter is, I just wasn't in a 1940s-suit-making mood. So what happened? On a whim, I pulled out some fabric and started cutting. And just several days later, I have a not-too-far-from-completion 1840s dress. 
I, for one, am excited!! :)

I used a brown cotton floral fabric I had in the stash (only 6 yards!), and managed to get the whole dress out of it, with enough leftover for plenty of piping. I did end up going back and buying a little more of the fabric, though so I can make a matching pelerine.

Yummy! Cartridge pleats!
The bodice is made from Simplicity 1818, with an altered neckline, and a back hook-and-eye opening rather than a button-front. The seams are piped with 1/8" cording, and the lower edge of the bodice will be as well once it is finished.
I have to finish the cuffs, the lower edge of the bodice, sew on hooks and eyes, sew the bodice to the skirt and hem it. But all things considered, that's not a whole left lot to do!

Unfortunately, we don't have any photographs of our ancestors going back as far as the 1840s (the earliest is 1903); but then, I don't picture a whole lot of photographing going on in Norwegian farms in the 1840s, so it's pretty understandable!
In any case, this is still my HSM entry for the month, even though there's no photographic evidence of it being something that one of my ancestors wore. 

The Challenge: Heirlooms and Heritage
Fabric: 6 yards of cotton plus muslin for the lining and hem
Year: 1845
Notions: Hooks and eyes (tons), cording, thread
How historically accurate is it? 85-90%, perhaps? The inner seams are sewn by machine, and the raw edges...gulp...serged (don't throw too many rotten tomatoes!), but all stitching visible from the outside is done by hand. 
 Hours to Complete: 15-18, when it's all said and done.
First Worn: Not yet, unless putting it on Thelma Lou counts! ;)
Total cost: $80+

I just can't wait to finish it and wear it!! Dresses like this are SO much fun to wear. And the bonus is, I get to wear my gorgeous AD Renoirs again! :)
Luckily for me, next months HSM challenge is brown, so Grandma's wedding suit can become a reality and still count for the HSM. Yay!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Excerpts From the Past • 1951 McCall's Needlework

What shall we call this? Magazine....ehm...Wednesday? ;)
We made a spontaneous trip to an antique store yesterday, and found bunches of vintage goodies! Among the vast stash is this lovely magazine from 1951; McCall Needlework. It is full of patterns for everything you can think of - from sweaters to hats to potholders!
Just to warn you, there are something like 37 pictures in this post! You would think I didn't narrow it down at all, but in fact there are over 100 pages in total. So, dive in and enjoy! There are patterns for all of the items pictured, other than advertisements and sewing projects. The patterns are scattered throughout the pages, but they are in the same order as in the magazine.

If you want to see a much larger picture, right click on the photo and click "open image/link in new tab." You can then zoom in however close you want, for easy pattern-reading.

And if you made it this far, congratulations!!! ;) Do let me know if you make anything from the patterns - I'd love to see what you made!

Amidst salsa-making, and other sewing-time-stealing occupations, I'm trying to get Grandma's wedding blouse (and hopefully the skirt too) done in time for the HSM deadline, which is Monday. We'll see how that goes!
Thanks for bearing with my spontaneous blogging! :)
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Air Show • The Planes!

Whew!! The long-awaited local airshow happened yesterday, and along with some amazing airplanes, and photos thereof came an amazing sunburn! The blistered face kind of amazing sunburn. The cold symptoms because of sun poisoning kind of amazing sunburn.
So needless to say, I don't feel like doing a whole lot of blog-writing!! :|
I'll be back next week to post more pictures and details of our dresses, but until then, I'll leave you with some pretty amazing airplane photos.

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