Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vintage-Inspired Patriotic Blouse + A Milestone

Yayy!! It's my 100th blog post! You may have noticed my completely new blog design. I'm still messing around with the header, so it may be totally different next time you look. I want a vintage-style design, rather than modern chevron.
All that aside, here's my new blouse!!
I haven't had a chance to take pictures of myself in it, so those will have to wait until I find a coordinating vintage hat.
I used Butterick B5890, adding a button closure instead of a zipper. I also took it in approximately an inch on each of the front tucks.
I absolutely love this pattern, and I can't wait to make more of these blouses!

I adore the row of shiny red buttons down the back.

The sleeves are self-lined, giving them a very nice, neat, finished look.

My first collar ever!! It is sewed onto a band, rather than directly onto the blouse.


Up next is a post about my Regency chemise.
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  1. Such a lovely blouse, buttons down the back is always such a wonderful feature

  2. I love your blouse - especially the buttons! I wonder how it would look with just the band and no collar? Thank you for the inspiration - I just may have to make one!

  3. Kaitlyn - Thank you!! I love the buttons too, much better than a zipper!

    Vickie - I'm glad I could provide some inspiration!! I'm sure just a band would be lovely as well. I'm going to try one without the band also. Thank you for the comment! :-)

  4. Cute blouse! I like the collar and the red buttons. Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!


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