Monday, June 18, 2018

• This and That •

It has been a few days since I posted last!  :)  Life happens, work is busy, and the little bit of sewing I do accomplish does not get shared very often.  I have been making a few things though, so I thought I'd share a couple of them with you!

First up is a rayon dress that I finished a few months back - it suffered as a UFO for probably 2 years but I finally got it out and completed it!  It has definitely become one of my absolute favorite dresses - so comfy, it fits perfectly, and I love the look and feel of rayon.  Definitely will be making more from the same pattern!

Another UFO I finally finished was this gingham number (sorry for all the mirror pics!), which went from being something I hated to one of my very favorite dresses!  I had the bodice and skirt sewn but not attached, but the fit was terrible and without any trim it was really homely!  I refitted the bodice, added the pops of red and pockets, and it came out just right.  AND it doesn't require a belt, which just makes it that much more fantastic in my opinion!!  :) 

Next up is a baby quilt that I finished just a day and a half before the baby shower it was intended for; I did take some good pictures, but haven't gotten them uploaded yet.  This was such a fun project - I had originally intended it for my nephew, but then his nursery ended up with a completely different theme that it would not have matched.  I just hung onto the fabrics for a while, started sewing it, and then ended up finding out that the theme for this baby boy's shower was a woodland theme!  It could not have worked out better!  :)

It was such a fun project and I really was very happy with how it came out!  It might not win at the fair, but it sure makes me happy.  :)

And lastly, this is a little dress that I just made on Saturday for my new little niece.  I used the new Simplicity reprint (#8617), and it came out so cute!  I made it from a small piece of vintage fabric my mom had found at an antique shop; I don't know what the fabric had started out as - you could see where a stitching line had been removed, so perhaps a sheet?  Curtains?  I don't know!  In any case, it was not quite a yard of maybe 50" fabric, and I squeezed this adorable little full-skirted dress out of it, with ties and bias binding!  :)  I can't wait to see the precious little one wearing it!

I am currently finishing a polka dot 1920s dress, and once that is done I will be working on a SPARS uniform, several 1940s outfits for a reenactment, and a new 1812 ensemble.  At least, that's the plan!  We'll see how it goes!
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