Monday, July 21, 2014

The Pickin' Apron

Today I'm sharing a past project which I made way back in February. I think the cold, never-endingly wintery weather had gotten to me, so I decided to take revenge, and sew something decidedly springy. This apron is actually my mom's ('cept when I borrow it...). Its original purpose was to be a garden apron, but mostly it just gets used for picking vegetables. 
I got the fabric at Meijer, of all places. We discovered that they had some really nice quality, American-made cotton duck. If that alone wasn't reason enough to buy it, it came in 45x54" pieces, for only $6 or $7. I wanted to buy ALL of it at once. Well, as the story always goes, what does a store do when they sell something awesome? Why, discontinue it, of course! The reason why, I really can't imagine. Long story short, we did end up snagging a bunch of it towards the end of the clearance sale.
So much for words - let's look at pictures!!
The front has ties, which go through loops at the corners, so that it is....

...folded together, and you can carry veggies! It is reallly handy to pick beans into. I would know.

I'm prodigiously proud of my topstitching. It's kind of hit-and-miss with me when it comes to that, but thankfully, that was one of my good days.

The tie and the loops are made from the selvage, which happened to be really nice and wide. I folded it over several times, then zig-zagged it.


The other side is solid green, with a couple of nice, sturdy pockets.

I sewed several lines on the pocket hem for stability.

The ties are opposite colors from the main colors...just 'cause.

I started my leazing apron - I love how it is looking! I can't wait to see it with the dress. Speaking of which, I need to make it. Now. The farmer started harvesting his wheat, so the clock is tick-tick-ticking.
Aaaannnddd, I need to get my pink paisley dress done before August 1st. I made a mock-up of my Anne Adams pattern, but it ended up being way too big. So, I think I will make Simplicity 1777 instead.
I'll post pictures as I get the things sewn up!

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  1. What a clever apron design! I l really like the floral fabric you used.



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