Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Ribbed" Crocheted Hat

"Ribbed" Crocheted Hat

Hook size H

Yarn: “I Love This Yarn,” one skein or one skein of any worsted weight yarn

Abbreviations: ch= chain sc= single crochet BO=bind off

Row 1: Ch 37.

Row 2: Sc into second ch from hook and into remaining ch all the way across. (36 sc)

Row 3: Sc into front loop only of each sc all the way across.

Repeat Row 3 thirty-eight times or until hat fits comfortably around your head.

BO, leaving long tail. Join edges, and tie off end. Then, using the same tail, weave through every other stitch in the top of the hat, cinch it, and tie it off. Weave in ends.
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