Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Machine Knit Cable Hat and Scarf Set

Machine Knit Cable Hat and Scarf Set
You will need:
-10 to 12 oz. of Caron One Pound Yarn (I used cream)
-one knitting machine :)
-a little bit of patience

The pattern: T8-2
E wrap CO 38-0-38.
Knit 3 rows.
Using your 1 and 2-prong tools, cable stitches according to this graph: (the number 2 by itself means plain stitches that are never transferred; 1x1 or 2x2 are cables)
2 - 1x1 - 2 - 1x1 - 2- 2x2 - 2 - 1x1 - 2 - 2x2 - 2 - 1x1 - 2 - 2x2 - 2
After transferring stitches, knit 8 rows. *Repeat transfers of cables and knit 8 rows. Repeat from * until scarf reaches approximately 50 inches. For hat, knit until it reaches approximately 9 inches.
Once you have done your last cable transfers, knit 3 rows and bind off with the garter bar (or whatever you prefer).
To join the scarf, take a tapestry needle and a long piece of yarn (or your long tail) and sew up using one of these methods, or your preferred joining method. For the hat, join the same way <--> horizontally, then to close the top, simply go through the end stitches back and forth until you reach the point where you started. Cinch as hard as you can (without breaking the yarn) and tie off. Weave in ends. Steam both pieces, but don't press them down or you will lose alot of the cable effect.
You're done!!! Enjoy.
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  1. Hi!

    I found this scarf on Ravelry and it's exactly what I want to make!


    I clicked the link and it takes me to this page, which is different. Could you direct me to the correct page? I searched your blog and couldn't find it.

  2. Hi Sean,
    Thank you for alerting me to the problem! Here is the correct page. http://www.dollycreates.blogspot.com/2013/01/welcome.html
    I changed the link on Ravelry as well. Thank you!!


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