Thursday, January 24, 2013

Multi-Color Infinity Scarf

SONOMA life + style Mixed-Media Striped Infinity Scarf
So, I saw this scarf at Kohl's the other day, and loved it. (they have it in a blue color too by the way) So, good old DIY Dolly decided to try making one herself.

 This picture shows what I used - Sensations Casual Boucle can be found at here (Joann Fabrics) - Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist is discontinued but you may be able to get it on Ebay or somewhere like that. 

To make it:
Size 19 (US) needles
6 different, distinct yarns of the same general color tones (this is where you kinda go crazy, finding anything and everything you might possibly want) :)
Cast on 23 stitches.
Knit until the color you are on measures approximately 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches. Be careful though when you're measuring, becaue some yarns stretch. Both the Homespun and the Simply Soft Thick N Quick stretched out an inch or two - so just try to work that in when you are meausring.
Once you have completed one "patch" of the color you are on, change colors. Repeat until you the scarf measures approximately 50-54 inches. Mine is 54 inches now, but that is after having been worn and stretched. So I would do about 50 or 52 inches, that way once you put it on and it stretches out, it's not going to be enormous. 
Bind off, leaving a long tail.
Join the finish edge and the starting edge. Weave in ends.
You're done!!!! 

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