Friday, May 23, 2014

Fabric Stash Update #1143

I know...I keep promising pictures of my Regency dress. I took them yesterday, so they will definitely be on here in the next day or two.
Meanwhile, I am happy to announce that I added to my fabric stash today. Isn't that always a good thing??!!!

Purple satin back shantung. It is definitely going to be a regency ball gown-type dress. (No, I don't go to balls, but the dresses are too purty not to make!)

Vintage style fabric, Aunt Grace Scrap Bag from the collection of Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers Textiles. 
Vintage dress, here I come!!

This. Is. My. Favorite. Fabric. EVERRRR!!! 
Garibaldi II by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics, Pattern #7645

This beautiful print is destined to be a regency apron.
??? No name.

And last but not least, the most gorgeous green striped fabric on earth. Ever.
Canterbury by Robert Callaham for Red Rooster Fabrics DSN#18177.
Not a bad haul, eh? I am excited.
I am also in the middle of yet another regency gown, using Windham Fabrics Somerset Shirtings, #35207-2, which also happens to be the most beautiful fabric in the world, ever. 
I think I like fabric...
Look for pictures coming soon! Thanks for stopping by.


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