Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Lavender Sachets

Lavender is often used to keep moths away, so sachets with lavender inside are particularly useful! You can make them in any shapes or sizes, hang them from hangers, throw them in boxes or drawers, or just set them out so they can look and smell pretty. Overall, I'd say they are pretty versatile. Here's a super-simple how-to:
Cut lavender flowers (preferably while they are in bloom) and place them in a sack/basket/whatever you have.

Push the flowers off of the stems.

Pick out the pieces of stem that fall into the pile.

Spread the flowers out on newspaper to dry. Mine were actually already dry, so I didn't really let them sit, but if you do it when they are blooming, you definitely need to let them sit for several days.

Cut two pieces of fabric, about 4x4"

Sew all of the way around, leaving a 1 1/2" gap on one side.

Snip the corners and press the fabric.

Turn right side out, using a ruler to push out the corners.

Fill with lavender. Since I waited SO long to pick it, there was hardly any on the plants, so this sachet ended up being sadly empty, but so be it. It still smells might lavender-y.

Fold the raw edges in and sew the edge. Tie ends and pull through with a needle. You're done!

Pink side

Blue side

Put the sachet in a box or drawer with clothes, fabrics, hats, or whatever you want to keep the moths away from. Or, make several, tie them with a ribbon and put them in a place of distinction to give your room a slight lavender smell. Enjoy!

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