Wednesday, January 25, 2017

• Fall in the Wintertime •

Back in mid-September or so, when fall was beginning to make its appearance, I happily started getting my fall/winter garments out.  One of the ones I was most excited about wearing was my fall dress, made two years ago.  I ironed it up with glee and hung it up to wear for the next day, only to try it on then and remember just how much I didn't like it.  There was something about the fit/style that just never agreed with me; the fact that I made the sleeves far too big probably didn't help that at all, but in any case, I just didn't like my dress anymore.  I thought of making it into a skirt, but never got around to doing so until I saw Lily's post in which she did just that with her fall dress!  :)  Hers was so gorgeous that it inspired me to finally remake my version!

One of the things that also inspired me to get it done was my gorgeous '50s sweater from Paper Luna Vintage.  I never get tired of wearing it!

Last year I made this long-sleeved cream blouse out of some rayon-blend fabric.  The sleeve pattern I used was dreadfully tight in the forearm though, so I could hardly wear the blouse as it was.  I finally snipped off the sleeves and hemmed them up into short ones at the same time as I made the skirt so I could finally wear it.  I actually like the silhouette better with short sleeves!  It has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe what with the versatile color and style.

Naturally I had to pair it with my ever-versatile Victoria Carriage boots.  :)  I just love those things!!

Since I hadn't liked the gathered skirt on my fall dress, and also have a deep love for pleated '50s skirts, I decided to do just that; pleat it.  What was fun was having the pleats come out the perfect size on the very first try.  :D  That is always fun!!!

I used a big cream-colored vintage button from my stash for the waistband. 

I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever wear another hat again other than this wondrous gray beret.  It has become somewhat of a landmark atop my head these days.  ;)

I love brooches, but never remember to wear them!  I was so excited to wear this pretty one from Emily with this outfit, and I just love how it looks!  :)  Thanks, Emily!!

I really like the skirt from Simplicity 1459; it had been so long since I used it that I was remembering it being fairly straight-cut, but it is in fact quite flared!  It gives a really nice shape, and offers marvelous twirliness, which is downright vital.  ;)

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  1. I am in love with your charming skirt, dear Esther! Oh, what sweetness :) And the cardigan is simply perfect with the skirt.

    I truly love seeing your sewing creations as you are very talented and gifted. Enjoy your day!


  2. What a wonderful splash of color for the winter months! That gold/mustard color is one of my favorites and is great to pair with a variety of colors. I'm so glad you had a chance to wear the pin I sent to you, it looks great on you. I'm in the same boat, having and loving my pins but forgetting them half the time. :p

  3. I love all of the pieces you're wearing! The blouse is so sweet with the bow, I'm glad you made it work for you. The skirt and sweater match so well, it was almost like they were made for each other! Overall, a practically perfect outfit for fall and winter.

  4. Such a lovely outfit, Esther! Love the bright colors in the snow. :) The entire thing is very put together, very vintage-looking, and the pretty brooch finishes it off nicely. And hurrah for a successful, usable refashion! ;) Love you!

  5. Dear Esther,
    I am more than delighted to be here perusing your beautiful blog today! A sweet reader of my blog shared yours with me... share such inspiration and I am in love with your gorgeous vintage outfits! You've inspired me greatly in my own sewing... I run my own sewing business creating home decor and upmarket children's toys but I long to delve into the secrets of sewing clothing! Thank you for the loveliness you share...I will be back for another visit soon!
    In the meantime...keep up your most wonderful work!
    With love and joy this beautiful day,

  6. Dear Esther,
    Wow...that is such a lovely outfit. I especially like the skirt. :) You are so blessed to be able to sew so wonderfully! :D

    God bless you!
    Love in Christ,


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