Wednesday, October 10, 2018

• 1930s Sisters Photo Shoot •

When we were visiting Sarah and her family, we had to slip in a photo shoot of the two of us, since we hadn't had a chance to do so in a long time, if ever.  We had a fun time coming up with the goofiest poses and just being our own selves!  :)  Hope you enjoy!

Another interesting, perhaps heartbreaking aspect of these photos is that since they were taken, a tornado swept through the area and took out every single one of the trees on their property.  Thankfully Sarah and her family were safe, but the damage was incredible.

For our photoshoot, we wore our coordinating Royal Vintage Peggy pumps.  They are so comfy and versatile!

My mom has this thing for heads-sticking-through-tree-limb-style photographs, but this time I rather liked the effect!  Haha!!

Sarah wore her gorgeous red, white and blue floral frock that she made from an original 1939 pattern.  It is such a gorgeous style and fits her perfectly!

I wore my old trusty 1930s polka dot dress, which you can read more about here

We are kinda cute, if I do say so myself.  ;)

Because every blog post has to have a shoe close-up.

Thanks for being such a special friend and sister to me, Sarah!  I love you!  :) 

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Friday, October 5, 2018

• The Polka Dot Project •

After many months of silence on this blog, it feels great to be back writing again!  Sick days are good for at least one thing, that being blog-writing.  :) 

This post is about a project that had been in the works for a couple of years; my friend Sarah purchased a 10-yard length of this polka dot fabric, and upon finding it to be great fabric, my mom decided to purchase a length as well.  We developed a plan that "someday," we would all make outfits from the fabric, each being from a different decade.  It took us a few years, but we finally made those plans come to fruition.

Here's a few group photos, with the specific outfit details later on in the post.

Sarah and her mama are just the cutest ladies in the world.  And I'm not biased at all.  ;) 

Mom and I in our frocks.

1950s, 1940s, 1930s and 1920s, all in a row!

There was a good quantity of silliness involved in our photo shoot, which just made it that much more fun.  ;) 

Now onto the outfit details!  First off is Sarah's dress:

Sarah made her dress using Simplicity 1250, a 1950s reproduction pattern.  She altered it slightly to have a back zipper as well as functioning buttons in the front, making it nursing-friendly.  She also drafted the neckband to echo the sleeve details, which adds to the vintage beauty of it.

While it might seem like a simple thing to add the neckband, if you look closely at the overlap, she had to make the angles of the neckband match up precisely at the overlap, which is obviously not right at the center.  Bravo, Sarah!!!  She is a wonder!  Check out her Etsy shop for some of her fabulous work!

The back of the dress is equally gorgeous, with that flattering peplum.  And can I just mention her gorgeous hair?!!?!?  Not jealous at all!!

Next up is my mom's dress:

She made her frock from an original 1930s Excella dress pattern.  The pattern was too big to start with, so she had to work with it to make it smaller while still keeping all the unique and fabulous details.

The dramatic collar on this dress is one of my favorite details!!  Another fabulous point is the sleeves, which have unique seaming that goes up to the elbow, with slightly pointed and gathered cuffs.  So, so gorgeous.

A tie belt makes the perfect accent for this beautiful frock.  She paired the dress with her original 1920s oxfords (found at a local antique shop for $20, in perfect, like-new condition, and they are COMFY.).

"Ma's" outfit is up next!

Sarah made Ma's outfit using Simplicity 8462 for the bolero, and Simplicity 3688 for the skirt.  The scalloped lapels on that bolero are *so* gorgeous!  She paired it with a gorgeous peacock brooch and vintage necklace from her collection. 

Separates like this are so nice to have, as they can be worn in so many different ways! 

Lastly is my little frock:

For my birthday this year, my mom got me several gorgeous patterns from Lady Marlowe Patterns on Etsy.  This is the second pattern I have made so far, and I have been thrilled with both garments!  This dress was actually extremely easy to make, even with all the multi-directional pleats, and it went together in a very short period of time.

I was planning to do white accents for the neckband/tie and cuffs, but then I saw some scraps of this red, white and blue polka dot, (leftover from my peppermint dot dress), and that settled it.  Gotta have that little pop of pizzazz, especially in a 1920s dress!!

I paired my new, FAVORITE Royal Vintage Claire oxfords with my dress.  They are so comfortable and versatile, I could not be happier with them!

One last outfit I cannot leave out was Sarah's daughter's outfit.  I didn't get a real clear picture of it, but this was the finished product right before our photo shoot.  I used a "vintage" pattern from the '70s, I believe it was, but it is a very versatile style that could have been used in the '40s-'50s, in my opinion.  It was an easy make, and fit her well at the time.  :) 

Just, ya know, flappin'....or perhaps I should say swingin', for the latter eras!  :)

Need I say it?  THE END.

I will be posting more frequently (at least for a little bit), as I have several more posts to share!  I have been sewing like crazy, but the photos of said outfits happen very rarely.  I'll try to remedy that problem though!

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, June 18, 2018

• This and That •

It has been a few days since I posted last!  :)  Life happens, work is busy, and the little bit of sewing I do accomplish does not get shared very often.  I have been making a few things though, so I thought I'd share a couple of them with you!

First up is a rayon dress that I finished a few months back - it suffered as a UFO for probably 2 years but I finally got it out and completed it!  It has definitely become one of my absolute favorite dresses - so comfy, it fits perfectly, and I love the look and feel of rayon.  Definitely will be making more from the same pattern!

Another UFO I finally finished was this gingham number (sorry for all the mirror pics!), which went from being something I hated to one of my very favorite dresses!  I had the bodice and skirt sewn but not attached, but the fit was terrible and without any trim it was really homely!  I refitted the bodice, added the pops of red and pockets, and it came out just right.  AND it doesn't require a belt, which just makes it that much more fantastic in my opinion!!  :) 

Next up is a baby quilt that I finished just a day and a half before the baby shower it was intended for; I did take some good pictures, but haven't gotten them uploaded yet.  This was such a fun project - I had originally intended it for my nephew, but then his nursery ended up with a completely different theme that it would not have matched.  I just hung onto the fabrics for a while, started sewing it, and then ended up finding out that the theme for this baby boy's shower was a woodland theme!  It could not have worked out better!  :)

It was such a fun project and I really was very happy with how it came out!  It might not win at the fair, but it sure makes me happy.  :)

And lastly, this is a little dress that I just made on Saturday for my new little niece.  I used the new Simplicity reprint (#8617), and it came out so cute!  I made it from a small piece of vintage fabric my mom had found at an antique shop; I don't know what the fabric had started out as - you could see where a stitching line had been removed, so perhaps a sheet?  Curtains?  I don't know!  In any case, it was not quite a yard of maybe 50" fabric, and I squeezed this adorable little full-skirted dress out of it, with ties and bias binding!  :)  I can't wait to see the precious little one wearing it!

I am currently finishing a polka dot 1920s dress, and once that is done I will be working on a SPARS uniform, several 1940s outfits for a reenactment, and a new 1812 ensemble.  At least, that's the plan!  We'll see how it goes!
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Thursday, February 1, 2018

• Vintage Shoe Dreams •

Hello ladies!  I just wanted to write a post in case any of you did not yet see the new shoes that the fabulous Lauren and Abby of Royal Vintage Shoes have just introduced!  The new styles are just amazing, I'm pretty sure I want all of them, haha!  

One of my top favorites of the new collection are the Ginger 1930s shoes - they are seriously adorable and really do scream Ginger Rogers!  They are available in blue or red colorways.

The Rita sandals are the bomb, and are the one style that I already know I'm buying.  Versatile, wearable, and they even feature a street sole for everyday wear!  I can't wait to get them!  These are also available in black.

Okay. Cute shoe alert.  These Hepburn oxfords are pretty much the cutest, most quintessential 1930s shoe ever.  The tassels are removable in order to give the shoe two completely different looks!

Styled after golfing shoes from the '30s, these are a fabulous shoe that would look great with any outfit, from casual to dressy.

The green colorway is just as amazing!! 

And last, but not least, are the fabulous Gatsby T-straps.  These are so perfect for 1920s and even 1930s outfits, they would make a great closet staple.  These lovelies are also available in red and white.

Have fun shopping, ladies!  I can't wait to get my shoes - Royal Vintage shoes are always wonderfully comfortable and amazing quality.

*This post contains affiliate links*

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

• 1930s Penny Rose Dress •

It feels *so* good to be back into sewing and a little bit of blogging again!!  Today I am sharing about this dress which I had mentioned in my last post - one that had been in the UFO bin for over a year!  My sweet mom gave me this fabulous Penny Rose fabric back in the day, and I commenced to designing my own 1930s dress. 

I used a couple of random patterns for a base for my skirt, bodice and sleeves, but altered them all to design the style that I wanted.  The fun part is that I *actually* made pattern pieces for the bows, sleeves, and pockets!  

The 1930s are famous for their fabulous asymmetrical designs, and I had fun playing on that theme with my bow and pockets.  I had just the right amount of orange buttons to set off all those little points!

I have several different pairs of shoes that match this dress, my favorite being the Royal Vintage Marilyns.  These are by far my favorite shoes I've ever had to date - they are the highest heels I've worn, but also the most comfortable dress shoes ever!  I have worn them all day long many times over, and never had a whisper of sore feet.

One of my favorite parts about this dress is what you see (or maybe don't see!) in the above picture!  The skirt is cut on the bias, so even with our modern-day 44" fabric, it would not fit on the fabric without piecing.  When I looked at the pattern, sure enough, they showed the layout with the skirt corners in a separate place.  Obviously back in the '30s, the fabric was only 35" or 39", so it would have required even more piecing!  I did my best to match up the pattern on this, and it worked pretty well!  And the fact that it's pieced - in true '30s fashion - makes my vintage heart happy!  ;)

This hat is definitely my favorite ever as well - I happened to see it draping sadly on a rack at a local antique shop, and grabbed it INSTANTLY, seeing it was definitely a '30s number!  The feathers just add fabulosity, and it's actually a size 23, which is my size!

These bow pieces were fun to draft, and they came out pretty much just how I had imagined!  Score!

Okay, time for THE most fabulous vintage piece I own.  AHHHH.  My mom and I ended up driving to a town about 25 miles away for a funeral, only to realize that the funeral was the following week, so we made the most of it and went antiquing!  Lo and behold, amongst the jadeite, vintage patterns, aprons, and other awesome things we found, there was a 1930s. velvet. hooded. fur. edged. CAPE.  In our size.  With fabulous details.  It was almost too good to be true!  And it's in near perfect condition, the hood fits perfectly, and it was something like $20.  WHEEE.  :D

So all in all, this was such a fun dress to make, and even more fun to wear!  I am definitely hooked on 1930s and 1940s styles these days for their functional yet fabulous details, and I am excited to continue making them!  I am wotking on a 1940s wrap dress right now, and the next project will probably be a little 1920s number! 

Thank you all for your sweet words and support, and for putting up with my sporadic blogging!  :)  Have a wonderful week and remainder of your January!

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