Saturday, May 4, 2019

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Well now, it's only been 7 months or so since I posted last!  :-O  Life continues to be busy, and that means prioritizing, which pretty much means that blogging does not happen!  But I still enjoy it when I get the chance, and look forward to posting more if I can get some pictures taken.  For now, I'll just share some very un-staged photos of recent (and semi-recent) projects I've made!

First off is this fun yellow apron, worn over a 1940s dress my mom made for me <3.  Aprons are such a necessity, but I seldom take the time to make them!  I really had fun with this one, and it's got ruffles, so I'm on board.  ;) 

I really wasn't mad here, I promise ;) 

I made my mom a Hooverette one afternoon (yep, an afternoon!) and surprised her with it. 

I also delved into a little bag-making craze, and even listed a few in my Etsy shop!  See them HERE.

I *finally* made a much-needed tote bag thanks to Sarah sending me a pattern for one!  I pretty much have a tote bag with me every day of my life, whether for work or hauling the necessary music, Bible, etc to church, so it is nice to finally have one that I made!

Earlier this year I made a springy floral cotton frock with a cordoruy jacket to match.  It is a wrap-style bodice that magically stays closed on its own, and is super comfortable! 

It was a very satisfying project to make, in that it all fit just the way I had hoped right off the bat!  I adapted this jacket pattern but changed up the darts and made a v-neck instead of a collar.  The corduroy I used was vintage, purchased from an antique back when I first started liking, sewing and wearing vintage goodies!

Another comfortable and fun 1940s frock from early winter.....

And my 1950s Christmas dress!  I really love the style and can't wait to make some summer versions - somehow I can't bring myself to wear the Christmas colors off-season. 

These aren't all of my recent projects, but the main ones.  Hopefully before too long I'll get some real pictures and share them, but until then, I wanted y'all to know I was still in the land of the living!  ;)  

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you to all who commented on my post from last October, your words of love and comfort meant so much!  <3 

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