Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1950s • Winter Woolens

First off, thank you all so very much for your overwhelmingly kind comments from last week's post.  You don't know how much that meant to my mom and I!!  You all are the best, and I'll never forget your kindness.  <3


Last year I had a total of 2 winter-friendly garments, those being a wool dress and a flannel skirt.  This year, although I'm not exactly rolling in woolen garments, there has been a great increase in them, which makes me soooo happy!  I have been planning a fall/winter wardrobe for ages, but in the past, whenever the time came to actually sew it up, I either got busy, catastrophe struck, or I just felt like making fruit-covered sundresses.  ;)

I found this grey fabric at JoAnn a couple of months ago in their Famous Maker line.  I ended up getting it for something like $3 per yard because of the coupons we had, and it is not only 100% wool, but also made in Japan and 60" wide!!  Can't beat that!!

I used Simplicity 8250 for the skirt, but simply cut the front on the fold and omitted that extra seaming/foldover/topstitching business.  Somehow it seemed like that would have been terribly bulky in a heavier-weight fabric like this.  I also omitted the gigantic circuitous pockets....and skipped that wacky waistband.  So I guess you could say I based it off of S8250.  ;)

This sweater is so much fun.  I purchased it from Paper Luna Vintage at the same time as my mustard sweater, but this one had numerous moth chews on it, so I got it for an extra-good deal.  I set it aside when it arrived, though, because I really had no idea how to mend the holes.  I finally buckled down and decided to tackle it one day (the same day as I remade my fall skirt and cream blouse, incidentally; that was one awfully productive day in the mending realm!), using some cream colored yarn I found in our stash, a small embroidery needle, and our needle felter.  First I weaved the yarn in and out, catching the loose stitches, and kind of weaving it closed, and then I took that mended spot, laid it on the needle-felting pad, and felted it a bit, just to kind of blend the stitches and secure it together.  It worked quite amazingly well, and the spots are not really even noticeable anymore!!

This spot on the arm was the worst one; it was literally a gaping hole with a good 1/2"-5/8" of knit missing.  I weaved it shut and felted it though, and it came out pret-ty good!  ;)

The beading details on this thing are downright incredible.  I just can't imagine having the patience to do all that!!  The brand is "Broadway, Suburbanite Sportswear," dating from the 1950s.  The fun part is, while working on it I found a paper tag sewn inside the lining with the original price of $2.98 on it.  Hahaha!  Hard to even imagine such a thing these days!!

In the last few posts featuring '50s skirts, I've been wearing both my regular Malco Modes petticoat and a tiered flannel petticoat, and I'm really enjoying the fullness it lends!  On top of that fact is how wonderfully warm it is, as compared to nothing but a nylon net petticoat.  Big difference!!  I'll have to do a post on it sometime soon just so you can see the design of it and all.

Thanks for stopping by!  :)
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  1. Good morning, dear Esther! I never tire of seeing your beautiful outfits - you have such wonderful and classy style!

    The sweater is just stunning and looks lovely with the skirt. Thank you for sharing, my dear.

    Have a most beautiful and blessed day! Hugs!

  2. I love the snowy photo shoot and your sweater and skirt.

    I hope you were not cold without a coat!

  3. I love the muted tones in this outfit, and that sweater is absolutely gorgeous- wonderful job on the mending

  4. Just lovely photos and outfit! Breathtaking snow scenery.

    Also, great job on repairing the sweater...I need someone like you to help show me how to fix my own sweaters' moth holes!

  5. What a sweet and pretty ensemble! I'm impressed with your darning skills, too. How wonderful that you were able to save such a lovely vintage piece to make it wearable again!

  6. Darling outfit! Especially that sweater!


  7. These photos are simply stunning! Love that sweater, with all the pretty details, and the simple but elegant skirt is the perfect pairing with it. We'd make a pretty pair if I wore my cream-colored Laura Ashley sweater with the crocheted lace collar and cuffs. ;) You did a fine job fixing the issues with the sweater, even if you *did* decide to work with moth-chews. Ha ha ha! Love you. :)

  8. Lovely photos, and how wonderful to be able to rescue such an amazing sweater. Felting the darns is such a clever idea - thanks for sharing!

  9. What a lovely winter outfit! I love the style of the skirt. And the way you mended the sweater is ingenious!


  10. This is just dreamy.. I love everything about this outfit


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