Thursday, December 1, 2016

1940s • Winter Tones

These photos were taken almost a year ago, but we never got around to posting them!  Typically when I go back to the archives for outfits to blog about, the background never matches the current season, but in this case, it does!  ;)

My mom made this dress last year from some gorgeous fabric purchased for her birthday by my dad.  :)  She used Simplicity 3847 for the bodice, and added a simple gathered skirt for a perfect '40s shirtwaist look.  This is a similar style to her Rose Chintz Dress.

I love how the dress can look dressy with furs and accessories as shown in these pictures, as well as being a practical housedress at other times!  It's not often you can balance those two looks with one garment, but this dress is very much up to the mark.  ;)

The famous "Dead Monkeys" (read more on that here) fur piece has been featured with quite a few different outfits on the blog: 

She used the sleeves from Butterick 5846, for a less fitted look.  She also added ease to the back shoulder seam for added comfort. 

The fabric this dress is made of is a lighter-weight variety, so she made a 3" or so hem, which makes it hang ever so nicely.

Bound buttonholes!!!!  :D

These niftiest of buttons are some that she purchased from Czechoslovakia.  They are made of glass, and feature the prettiest design!  She has as couple of other styles and colors that she's just itching to use.  :)  There's nothing like vintage buttons!!

It is hard to believe that December is here already; we just had one of those a few months ago!!  ;)  I am hard at work on a custom dress for an Etsy customer, but meanwhile am planning my winter wardrobe as well.  I already have a (very) few pieces made, but am excited to add some more!  There's also a new addition coming in the footwear department that makes all of this winter sewing muuuuch more delectable to think about.  ;)  More on that soon!

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!!

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  1. Very pretty! Love the fabric and the sweet vintage accessories. x K

  2. Oh my gosh... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric of your mama's dress! And she picked the perfect style to use it with! Brava! The addition of the fur does dress up the dress doesn't it? Your Mama is so adorable! Just like my Mama!

    1. Awww, thank you, Gina!! Isn't she just?!! I love her to pieces! I agree, we have two of the very best mamas. ;)

  3. Such a pretty, pretty dress, Mrs. W! That fabric is simply delightful, and the el-perfecto pattern-matching skills were duly noted by my mother and I. We give up. :) Bound buttonholes and all, goodness, you have some serious talent! Love those buttons too, they look like butterscotch candies. I will have to look up those pattern numbers and try the same (or a similar) combination for bodice/sleeves. I really like this one. Love you!


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