Wednesday, January 27, 2016

• Mom's Original 1950s Dress •

It's time for a throwback post! ;) 
A you can tell, these pictures were not taken very recently, as evidenced by the immensely green backdrop. But since we haven't had the time, weather, or inclination (hello, head cold #3!) to take pictures this past week, it was time to pull up a draft post and get it posted.

This dress is one of my favorites of my mom's dresses! It was, in fact, her first vintage-style dress she ever made. She used Butterick 5920, modifying the neckline and drafting a collar based on a vintage dress illustration.

As you can see, the collar in the top right picture was the inspiration. I think she did a lovely job emulating it!

(Read the rest of that vintage dress pamphlet here.)

The fabric she used is a 1950s reproduction, and I absolutely love it. Pink....floral....polka dots all over...I'm in love! ;)

Since the shoulders were going to be a little too wide, she added vertical tucks on the top of the shoulder, both front and back, which brought in the width without restricting movement or messing up the armscye.

Those red buttons are the perfect accent!! They look totally different on the back side; I used them on my infamous walkaway dress as well.

And...who could help but love her adorable sandals?!!! They're soooo cute, and perfect for vintage styles. <3

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  1. Aww, those really are fabulously charming shoes. This whole outfit of your mom's is a wonderfully lovely - and wholly welcomed - breath of warm summertime air in the midst of the snowy season.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Aw, your mum looks fantastic and that dress is really pretty. I love the collar shape and the contrasting buttons, they work really well. The fabric is too cute and the busy-ness of it would really suit a 1930s dress too, a very versatile fabric.

  3. Oh how beautiful your mom's dress is! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pattern on the fabric! How dreamy and sweet!

  4. Excellent job on a pretty dress! You did a fine job, Mrs. W! I think it is perfectly all right to post summer pictures in winter. A nice visual break for us all! The split rail fence reminds me of the wonderful homeplace where I grew up. OH! And I LOVE that trick for fixing shoulders. You can bet I'll be trying it and I know just what patterns I can use it on already. ;)

  5. Fantastic idea with the shoulder pleat, I never would have thought of it! The fabric is darling and mom looks lovely in her Spring ensemble. Now we wait for the sun so we can pull out our floral cottons again!

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments! My mom thanks you very much as well! :) I am so glad to hear you liked her ensemble; it's one of my favorites as well!

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