Monday, June 22, 2015

• Pink Gingham Shirtdress •

Today's post is about a dress made quite a while ago! 6 years ago, as a matter of fact! Back in those days, I hardly knew how to sew a straight line, much less sew a garment, so I asked my mom if she would make me a dress. She did!
It is made out of lovely pink poly-cotton gingham. I'll just go ahead and admit it; I adore poly-cotton fabric. It basically doesn't wrinkle, even with wearing it and never has to be ironed after washing. 
I also adore gingham, so this fabric is definitely a favorite.

I wore the dress every once in a while for a couple of years, but not often because the original sleeves were too tight. I finally decided to just put it away and remake it into something else later on.

Last year, after I made my first blouse, I pulled this dress out of the fabric drawer and tried it on just for fun. I mean, there's no way it would fit anymore, right? Well, the sleeves still didn't, but the dress still fit perfectly! What was the solution? I'll put on new sleeves! I happened to have the perfect sized scraps left to squeeze out some sleeves.

Although it might not be an exceedingly 1940s-looking dress, it does make a very nice housedress, and I wear it all the time!

I borrowed my mom's scarf for the pictures. Maybe I need to more permanently "borrow" it! 

I intended to have some scrumptious new sandals to wear with this dress (and a lot of others).
Long story short; there has-been a pair of Swedish Hasbeens in the house. They weren't here long, however, because they just did not fit! I ordered the Ornament Clog in 11, but the toes were extremely tight, and the heel straps were extremely uncomfortable. Back they went.
So, the long, hard sandal-hunt continues.

Meanwhile, we're keeping busy as bees because there is some amazing music going on in town! Rachel Barton Pine, the amazing violinist was in town performing with the local festival orchestra last weekend, and there are several more weeks of recitals, masterclasses, and orchestra performances with other amazingly talented artists to come. I love it! Aside from the pure enjoyment, it is very inspirational and has prodded me into practicing more, as I should. Three cheers for classical music!!

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  1. How sweet you look! Pink is a really nice colour on you, and I'm pretty envious about that gingham dress! I used to ask my mother and grandmother to make clothes for me, but now I'm learning to sew and they're really busy, I'd feel a bit cheeky asking for something new. ;)

  2. Hi Esther! I love your sweet little dress. :) I've been realizing how popular shirt dresses are right now, and am sewing one as a custom order for a 15-year-old girl. I've had a request for two more besides, and I am also contemplating making one for myself. ;)

    I don't know what kind of sandals you are looking for, but this pair from Clark's seem to be really nice. I've tried on a pair (I need an 8W or WW and these fit) but have not bought them. (I currently have an old pair that looks similar and I need to wear them out first before buying more shoes!) To me they look classic and "40's", but you can decide for yourself. Here is the link, if it will work:

    Otherwise, go to the Clark's website and look for Wendy Estate sandals. :) If nothing else, have fun looking!


  3. That is a great example of the benefits of saving scrap fabric from past projects! Wonderful dress!

  4. Splendidly pretty outfit! Of all the hues gingham can come in, pink is by far my favourite, in no small part because my very first poodle skirt as a youngster at the wee age of six, was a nearly identical shade of pink to the one you're sporting it. Nostalgia gets me every time. :)

    Big hugs & joyful start of summer wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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