Tuesday, June 30, 2015

• Miss L Fire Shoes for Sale! •

Last year my mom got these (so adorable) shoes for her birthday, but they ended up being the wrong size. *tears*
The style is called "Mildred."
The shoes are a size 40, and fit like a US 9.5/10. My mom wears a 9, and you can see how much too big they are:

The shoes have only been worn twice, in our house, on carpet, with socks, just for pictures, for about 5 minutes.
In other words, they're brand new.

These shoes are SO cute, and they're no longer available in this color or size. They're 100% leather with rubber soles.

The shoes come in the original box and packaging.

Check out the listing on Ebay here.

Happy shoe-shopping! ;)
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  1. They're so beautiful! I wish they were my size. It's hard to find older styles of Miss L Fire

  2. I love them but they are to big for my feet. I wear a size 6 on a good day and usually buy my shoes in the kids section. Its sometimes funny trying on shoes next to the kids...I always have adults giving me weird looks.


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