Wednesday, October 1, 2014

· 1940s Crocheted Hat ·

Don't tell me. I already know. It really doesn't match my dress. At all.
A few weeks back, we were at the antique store, and I happened to see a little crochet booklet full of hat patterns. It didn't take mch deliberation to know that I wanted it. There are about 6 different patterns in the book, including hats, gloves, bags, and even slippers! I have made three of the hats so far, with this one being the greatest success. 
The pattern calls for a yarn from the 1940-50s, which of course is no longer available. I used Caron One Pound yarn with an H hook and it worked great. It is thick enough to really give it body. I just love the design of the hat; the way the brim is designed makes it easy to turn it up one way or another.
Incidentally, the HSF snuck up on me this time, so I was compelled to google the phrase "poem about crocheting." Here it is, from Aussie Maria:

The rhythm of the hook
as it moves the yarn around
Calls to me in whispers
a sweet familiar sound.
My hand moves almost dreamlike
without a thought or care
As I fashion something new
for someone cold to wear.
Perhaps a scarf or cap
Maybe a blanket too
With each and every stitch
I think of more to do
So when the cold winds blow
and when the snow falls down
My yarn helps me to remember
Forgotten people all around.
I am the one who’s blessed
As my warm hands stitch away
I pray the rhythm of my hook
Will help someone in some small way.

Just in case you were wondering, the ghost-on-a-post is our bird feeder, covered with a bag to protect it from gluttonous deer.

The Challenge: Poetry in Motion
Fabric: Caron One Pound Yarn
Pattern: The Vagabond Hat from Star Book No. 79, 
Year: 1945
Notions: ----
How historically accurate is it? 100%
Hours to complete: 4-ish
First worn: Not yet.
Total cost: $2

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  1. I love the design of the hat! Very cute! And that poem is so sweet.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Thanks, Brigid!! :-) So glad to have you following! I just discovered your blog and became an avid fan!

  3. Such an adorable hat! The colors are very fun and spring-y.


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