Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pearl Harbor Pillbox Hat

I have been looking everywhere for vintage dress patterns, so I happened to go to Sense and Sensibility Patterns' website. Whilst browsing through the 40s and 50s categories, I saw the pattern for the Pearl Harbor Pillbox Hat. I of course fell in love with it immediately. I mean, a vintage hat that you can crochet? What could be better? I got the pattern and went to making it. It comes together surprisingly fast. Since I didn't have any wool yarn (imagine it - no wool yarn. simply horrifying!), I just grabbed some Red Heart worsted in brown, and started crocheting. Since it isn't wool, it isn't so "relaxed" as the one in the picture, but I actually like it this way.
I sewed up a lil' bow out of my dress fabric to dress it up. It is just pinned on so I can switch it out with other outfits. 
Long story short; I love my new hat. I can't wait to make one in every color!

Currently working on:
hemming my green plaid circle skirt
planning a regency gown (I have exactly 25 days to have it d-o-n-e)

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  1. That hat is so cute! Visiting from Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

  2. I love the colors on you :)
    And I will check out the crochet pattern too. Looks good!

  3. Fun! And I love your hair! How did you curl it?

  4. Thanks Lily!! I used a curling iron and just grabbed some top layers, curled them, and combed with a wide-tooth comb. I was amazed it worked - usually my hair does not cooperate! :-)


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