Thursday, April 17, 2014

On Busy-ness....

Goodness...I could totally win the worst blogger of the year award. I don't know how these people do it - they blog every day, make stuff, and have kids on top of it all. They must not ever garden. Or eat.
All that aside, here's a quick summary of what is keeping me so busy:
~Spring. It sprung. Digging up the garden, planting peas, cutting down dead all takes a ton of time.

~I am playing in a recital on May 1st, so I am frantically trying to come up with a dress for that. We have SO many patterns, but of course NONE of them are what I all. So I have exactly 2 weeks to design my dress, make a mock-up, and make the real thing. Welcome to Yikesville. Oh, and did I mention practicing my recital piece like crazy?

~Our church is having a ladies' tea next month, so I need to get a flowery, girly 40's dress made for that. (And a hat...)

~My mom and I are helping design and plan the ladies' tea as well, so we are racking our brains thinking of ideas. (Actually, we're racking Pinterest's brain) Click here to see my inspiration board.

~Thinking of and making crafts to sell at a local festival in September. Sounds like a long time from now.....isn't.

~Plus, I have a circle skirt languishing in the basement, waiting to be hemmed. For some reason, people think hems should be even all the way around. Seems awfully unreasonable....

~And last but not least, I just have SO many projects in my mind that I want to make SO bad!! It's almost overwhelming because I don't know where to start.

Needless to say, I have a lot to do!! Thanks for coping with my lack of projects. I'll be posting about my projects though, so stay tuned!


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