Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Made That! Thursday Link Party #3

Welcome back to I Made That! Thursday! Sorry I've been MIA for a little while.
Consolation prize, however, is the sewing room reveal which I will be posting tomorrow! And a tutorial for a ribbon board to hopefully that will make amends. Thanks for your patience!!
Here's a small explanation for why there's been no new tutorials:

First time ever canning with a pressure cooker. Very interesting to say the least. Learned a few things, like how hot pepper feels under the fingernails. Amazing....definitely amazing. 

My own concocted refrigerator pickle recipe. They are We're still deciding if they're really, really good or REALLY awful. I have a feeling they're going to be in the fridge for a VERY long time.
(great photography by the way....award winning in fact) Ha!

Produce from the garden. The potatoes are SO good! 

Beautiful roses from our garden - the scent of them fills the whole room.

Best. Deal. Ever. Scarves on clearance from Kohl's - a whopping $5.60 each. That is a pretttyyy good price for a nice scarf, and they're the perfect weight for summer, fall or winter (or spring). You can pretty much wear them any way you want, including as a shawl. Pretty awesome deal!

Now for the featured craft:

Color Wheel Dress by Nest Full of Eggs
This is such a cute dress that I am sure a girl would love. Thanks so much Rachel!
Now to the link party!! Thank you all so much for your participation! I really appreciate it.

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