Sunday, August 11, 2013

DIY Ribbon Board

I finally got to the tutorial!! Here she goes...

You will need:
a bulletin board
a yard of batting (plus or minus according to the size of your bulletin board - doesn't hurt to get extra and it's really cheap at Joann by the yard) - I don't know what thickness mine is - just kinda go by the feel

a yard of fabric (Joann for mine....HAD to have chevron)
upholstery tacks - I only ended up using 13 of them - so one of the 24-packs is definitely enough. (also from Joann)
two spools of ribbon (I used Offray - I believe they are about 9 yards each - I didn't use all of it but you will definitely need two spools)
stapler and LOTS of staples
four hands ;)
That last one isn't mandatory, but it certainly helps.


Step 1:
Lay your batting down and cut it approximately 5 inches bigger on all sides than the bulletin board. Next lay your fabric out and cut it the same way. Make sure you do this really careful (especially if you have chevron or stripes like mine) or you will have some crooked bulletin board going on.
Step 2:
Lay your fabric wrong side up on a large surface, followed by the batting and the bulletin board.
Step 3:
Make sure everything's nice and straight. Now you want to start stapling the edges down - not too close to the corners. Once you have them somewhat secure, cut a triangle out of the corners (or just fold them if you're not picky). Repeat on each corner. If you have hangers like the ones on my board, snip little holes in the top edge of the fabric and batting and stretch them over the hangers. Now finish pulling everything good and tight, and staple it all down.

Step 4:
Here's the hard part: the placement of the ribbons. I give all the credit for this step to my mom. I'm more of a just-get-it-done-even-if-it-doesn't-look-perfect type of a person, whereas she is most definitely a perfectionist. Thanks, Mom!!
 Start out with the corners, and get those staples down. You want to pull them pretty tight, but not too tight. After you get those done, measure the distance from the ribbons to the edge of the board, and figure out how many and where you want the rest of the ribbons, and pin them in place. Or just ask your mom. :) Once you have them all pinned on, staple them on the back of the board.

Step 5:
Now the fun part!! Put in the tacks. Not terribly hard to figure out - just put them in wherever the ribbons cross. You're done!!! I am so happy with how ours came out - it's SO much nicer than a plain, ugly bulletin board. Hope you liked the tutorial! Let me know how yours turns out.

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