Monday, March 14, 2022

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 Hello folks!  Time for my bi-yearly blog post, I suppose.  ;)  Our sweet baby girl was born in November, and she has become this gal's primary focus ever since (as she should be).  She has had quite a few struggles, so the hurdles of being a new mama have been even harder to overcome than expected, but thankfully things are beginning to level out as she gets older.

Needless to say, there has been little to no sewing in the last almost 5 months!  I did manage to knock out a couple of much needed projects, and now I am starting to have a bit more time to add in a few projects.  I am working on a little spring flannel dress for Baby Girl now, then I'll be moving on to some down pillows, and matching mother-daughter dresses for Mother's Day.  <3

I hope you all are doing well, and enjoying the dawn of spring!  The beautiful sunshine and birdsong I witnessed while hanging clothes on the line this morning reminded me of this truth about our Lord - His mercies are new every morning!  Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.

Until next time <3

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  1. It had been awhile since I last checked your blog, and I see that I just so "happened" to check your blog on the right day! :) It was a pleasant surprise to see a new post from you. I'm so glad to hear that your little girl arrived safely, and that you are enjoying her. What a rich blessing from the Lord! I pray that the struggles you mentioned are all overcome in time.♡ Yes, I too am very much enjoying the first signs of spring. I love hearing the many birds singing, and getting outdoors to enjoy the warm days we've been having. That is a wonderful reminder that you mentioned of the Lord's mercies and great faithfulness. So very true! Thank you for bringing these things to my mind this morning!

  2. Esther! Its amazing to hear about you and your married, mama life. I miss seeing regular updates from you on instagram. Somehow I missed seeing your pregnancy announcement post so it felt I had lost you forever after you got married. So yay! You are alive and thriving - just like I knew you would be. -Robin

  3. I just posted a giveaway on my blog - I would love to have you join if you would like to!

  4. Hope you and sweet baby girl are doing well, dear Ester! You are so often in my thoughts...♡


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