Monday, September 26, 2016

• Introducing Northern Shore Vintage •

Something very exciting has been cooking in the background here for quite a while!!  :D  My dear friend Sarah and I have started an Etsy shop together, called Northern Shore Vintage, selling vintage clothing and accessories from the 1970s and earlier.  Since we both love vintage styles; the classic, beautiful, modest, incredibly stylish and timeless fashions of yesteryear, we decided to open up a shop together, selling just such items! 

We don't have a huge stock yet, admittedly, but we are both working hard on building it up.  Meanwhile, since it is our grand opening, we have a sale going on!!  Take $10 off your purchase of $50 or more with coupon code "OPENINGSALE", valid through Monday, October 3.  

Behind the name: Sarah and I both love the North Shore of Lake Superior; there's just nothing quite like it.  So when we were trying to come up with a name for our shop, we both thought of it simultaneously, and knew it was just the thing.  ;) 

Be sure to stop by the shop and check it out!!  I'll be posting updates about the shop from time to time, about new listings and sales, so stay tuned!  :)

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Well, here we go! Should be fun, sister! :)

  2. That is hugely exciting! What a beautiful adventure for you both to embark upon together. I really like the name of your shop and wish you nothing but the absolute best with it.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  3. How exciting! Best of luck with your new venture. (I realized you'd started following me on Instagram, and now I know it's you, I will go follow back!)

  4. I am so, so, so excited for you and Sarah! I will be praying this lovely little adventure goes well, dear Esther.

    Hugs to you!

  5. Thank you all so much, ladies!!! :) We are very excited about it too!!


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