Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Floral 1950s Dress • Refashioned

Today's post is *so* exciting, because it features my dear friend Sarah!  :)  

Last week I got back from a week-long stay at her house, and boy, did we have a time.  Sarah is the dearest, sweetest friend and adopted sister a girl could ask for, and I am so thankful that the Lord brought us together!  Always encouraging and pointing me towards the Lord, inspiring me in numerous ways, and blessing me with her wonderful testimony.  And on top of all that, sharing an unbelievable amount of the same interests and opinions.  ;)  Love you, gal!!

A few months ago I had mentioned to her that I was thinking of selling my floral 1950s dress.  It never fit quite right, and I found myself never even wearing it.  Sarah loved the fabric and style, but it was not the right size for her either.  Since I was in need of a gift to bring for her, I decided to remake the dress into a different style that would fit her!

She liked the collar on my lemon dress, so after much deliberation I decided to do that style for hers.  It turned out to be a lot trickier than expected since the sleeve and neckline areas were both shaped differently than the original, but it worked out in the end, and quite well at that! 

Suffice it to say, I am exceedingly jealous of her gorgeous hair.  *sigh*  Perhaps being around her hair for a week will have given my hair the incentive to grow.  ;) 

I used the same skirt that was one my dress and just took in the center back seam a bit.  The front is pleated, instead of being gathered like the original.  It gives kind of an early-1950s look, which is gorgeous and doesn't require a petticoat!

A wide belt seemed like it would be the perfect touch, especially since I had a spare buckle in a wider width.

I had *just* enough scraps left of the fabric to eke out a new front bodice, along with collar pieces.  It was a tight squeeze, but it did fit, and I even matched the center front seam!  Yay!!!

This collar is so much fun to make!  Especially since I actually made pattern pieces for it in the first place, unlike what I normally do.  ;)  It's nice to actually be able to recreate a style that I like!!

Even the back of the collar is cute!  :)

I originally planned on adding cuffs to her dress, but it looked too pretty without them to add them to it.  They ended up being just the right length and size, which is so fun!!

I'm so happy that the dress fits her so well, and looks so pretty on her!  :)  A pretty dress on a gorgeous lady.  Thanks for modeling it, Sarah!!  <3
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  1. Lovely! And that fabric is gorgeous!

  2. So, so beautiful! Both your friend and the dress :)

    1. Aw, thank you, Kira!! I agree wholeheartedly; she is just gorgeous!!! :D

  3. Oh...oh...oh! I don't think I can smile anymore right now as I have a grin on my face that is from ear-to-ear :) What a joy to see these beautiful pictures of Sarah {she is such a precious sister in the Lord}. And I must say that this dress fits her perfectly! I simply love the transformation and it's a delight to see how feminine, modest, and pretty this outfit is. Love, love, LOVE!

    Thanks for sharing, dear Esther. Have a blessed day. Hugs!

    1. :D Thank you so much for commenting, Stephanie!! Sarah is such a dear friend, and it was pure joy to make this dress for her. :) Thank you for all your compliments on it!!!

  4. Doesn't your friend look a picture! x

  5. Dear, dear Esther, you have done it again....written such a lovely post that I hardly deserve. Thank you, sweet friend, for being so kind! I LOVE my new dress to pieces, it fits sooooo perfectly and looks so sharp, but is the most comfortable thing ever to wear. Can't get better than that!!! :) I am tickled pink that you did the square collar on it, as I did indeed fall in love with that design on your birthday dress. So unique, but still modest and feminine, and it gives it that vintage appeal like nothing else. Between the gorgeous dress and your fine photography skills, I reckon I *do* look pretty spiffy here, and my parents agreed that I "clean up pretty good!". Ha ha! :) :) Thank you once again for the gift of this dress, the gift of this sweet post, and most of all the gift of your Godly friendship. Love you lots!!!

    1. My dear Sarah, thank you for your sweet comment!! You most definitely do deserve everything I said, and more. Hahaha, and I'll go your parents one further; you look good any way!!! ;) I'm SO glad you love your dress, and that it fits so well! Score!! ;)
      Love you too, and thank YOU for your dear friendship. <3

  6. Immensely lovely refashioning. It's beautiful that this dress has been transformed into something that works so well for Sarah now. What an awesomely thoughtful present for you to bring her.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


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