Wednesday, May 4, 2016

• Striped 1950s Dresses •

Today's mom-daugher post is rather appropriate since Mother's Day is just around the corner, don't you think? :)
Both of these dresses were made by my mom, other than a few finishing touches on my dress. I really got the good end of this deal on every side; not only did I not have to make my dress, but I didn't have to do any stripe-matching!! ;) We each bought yardage of these coordinating diagonal striped fabrics almost a year ago, with no particular design in mind for them. My mom picked out the blue, and I picked out the brown. She got the itch to make her fabric into a dress when we found this picture of a 1950s dress from Croatia Vintage on Etsy:

A diagonal stripe, in very similar colors, and just about as cute as possible. :) She decided to make it, and painstakingly cut it out, matching up stripes all over the place, only to find that she just didn't like it on her at all. Somehow or other (heehee!) I ended up trying it on and really loved it, so we arranged a bit of a trade. :) It worked out quite well, I must say! 

She used Vogue 8811 for the bodice, and the skirt is just a simple dirndl-type. It's about 90" around, which is just the right size to be big enough for the petticoat, while also keeping it contained, so to speak.  

Strangely enough, although the fabrics appear to be exactly the same, the blue doesn't wrinkle a bit, while the brown does. The pattern hides it quite well though.

Incidentally, I have recently become a convert to deep hems. I used to do nothing but narrow (1/2-5/8") hems, but ever since doing a deep one (3", I think?) for the first time on this dress, I'm addicted! They are nice for so many reasons, the best ones being added weight to keep the skirt in place as well as less chances to snag the slip-stitching on various things. I'm definitely hooked! :)

I didn't really want a tie belt (although I'm starting to think I might just like one!), so I made a standard belt with a buckle. Ironically enough, since the fabric is a diagonal stripe, the belt is cut on the bias in order to get a straight stripe! :)

Someday I hope to be as good at pattern-matching as my mom. Although that's not likely to happen since I typically tend to avoid sewing fabrics that require matching like the plague! :|

Now for the good stuff! :) This dress is just adorable; I love it so much!! Mom wanted a completely different design for her dress this time, so she decided to replicate this 1950s pattern:

(Pure eye candy, don't you agree? I've got my eye on some pink and black ric-rac fabric that I'm dying to make into the same dress!)

She used Butterick 6055 for the bodice, and the front panels of  Butterick 5813 for both the skirt front and back.

In order to get the chevron effect, she had to cut one half of each front and back bodice (and skirt) straight-grain and the other half crosswise. 
Need I mention it again? She's a pattern-matching magician. :)

These buttons were part of the contents of a jar that she purchased a while back, and they were THE perfect touch for the front of her dress, along with the ricrac accents on the collar and sleeves.


I discovered, ironically enough, on April 30th, that there was such a thing as "Me-Made-May," and so was able to sneak in at the last minute! The challenge is to wear something handmade each day of the month, but since I already do that, I decided to put my own personal twist on it, which is to wear a different (handmade) outfit each day of the month! So far it has been fun, and I've got it all scheduled out, so we'll see how it goes! :) I'll post a roundup of the outfits each week. 

Also, if you haven't done so already, hop over to Emily's Vintage Visions blog and check out my guest post about vintage footwear!


Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful rest of your week, and Happy Mother's Day!
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  1. Both dresses look great! You mom did a wonderful job, and can I say how much I love these mother-daughter posts!!
    Thanks again for writing your wonderful guest post for my blog!

  2. So, so beautiful! Both of your dresses, both you and your mom look amazing! I love the handiwork. And the stripe coordination and matching is so incredibly fine! *faints*

    I'm wondering if a deeper seam would be a good thing for me to try, because it seems like I just barely out-size most average (14, 16, 18) vintage patterns, in certain dimensions. But only by just enough that many of them feel a tad tight, but don't need drastic adjusting to the blocks? So maybe a slightly deeper hem would just add more space in certain dimensions.

    Also, I hate slip stitching, so maybe that would do me some favors :P

  3. Such pretty Spring outfits! The pattern matching has come out beautifully and well worth the effort.

  4. Marvelous dresses, sweet ladies. I adore the use of a solid coloured scarf worn around your neck with a striped dress. So often strips can make accessorizing a bit of a challenge, as you don't want an outfit to appear to busy or clash-y, but this truly works and is definitely a styling tip I'll be bookmarking. Thank you for the great inspiration.

    Joyful Mother's Day wishes to your sweet mom!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Ohmygosh!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Both of your dresses look so adorable! I love your patriotic looking dress and your mom's reminds me of Neapolitan candies! You and your mom are so fabulous!!

  6. Such beautiful dresses! Positively lovely!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  7. Esther I recently found your blog. Have been reading it, copying down pattern numbers. Your style is just what I have been looking for. Thanks for showing how to wear vintage looking dresses without looking frumpy. Really do look wonderful. Will be trying to emulate some of your choices.

    Sibyl--in Houston TX

  8. Thank you all so much, ladies!! :)

  9. Ahh, now I can more thoroughly appreciate the stripe-matching talent that is showcased here! Although this is what turned me onto your mom's talents. :) Love the mother-daughter photos, and the summery style of both dresses. Looks like you're ready for an ice cream social or a county fair! Love you!

    1. Sarah A.,

      Hmm, I think you can indeed!! ;) Heehee, I'd love to see us cavorting around the fair with petticoats on. Might be fun, actually! Care to join us???

      Love you toooo! :)

  10. Your both vintage dresses looks adorable.Thanks for showing how to carry vintage outfits in a unique way.


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