Wednesday, March 9, 2016

• Neat Tailored 1940s Dress •

This is the story of a dress that came this close to being in my Etsy shop! :) 

It all started with a pattern we bought about 2 years ago, which always intrigued me. I found that some fabric which I had bought for quilt backing (oops) matched the checked fabric I had in my stash, so I thought I'd use them to make this pattern.

(That just goes to show you that no fabric is safe when there's a sewing-happy seamstress around...) ;)

I started in on the dress, and got to the point of sewing the trim on when I started having trouble. I forgot to lengthen the trim along with the bodice, so it was too short. Plus I had been sewing my miters all wrong. So where did the dress end up? The UFO pile, of course!! Where else?

Months later, I decided to give it a whirl again and pieced the trim in order to make it long enough. (Yay for successful pattern-matching! I have to search for the seam to find it!!!) :D

I sewed and sewed on the dress, only to try it on and h-a-t-e it. I mean, really hate. Needless to say, it went back to the pile. I pulled it out a few weeks later, figuring on finishing it up and listing it in my Etsy shop. I finished sewing on it, made the belt, and tried it on one more time just for kicks. And what do you know, I loved it! :)

It was a narrow escape for this dress, but I am so glad it ended up being in my wardrobe!

The pattern called for buttons, but they didn't seem to be the right touch. I really didn't want to sew snaps on the bodice, so I stitched it down over the topstitching instead. It worked like a charm, and the neck hole is still plenty big enough to slip over my head. 
Any day you don't have to sew snaps on is a good one, right? ;)

The miters were surprisingly easy to sew!

Since the trim of the dress is asymmetrical, I decided to do an asymmetrical belt, so to speak. I rather like the effect of the side-buckle!

*shoe admiring break*
These shoes really are my favorite!!!! They are original NEW 1940s oxfords from Two Old Beans. In my size. :D :D And they're dreamily comfortable. AND, they match so many of my dresses! Bonus on every side!! :)

It was so nice to have a 60-some degree day out and not have to freeze to death for pictures!! :) I am looking forward to spring!

Thanks for stopping by, folks! Have a wonderful week! :)
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  1. Goodness, I love this dress! That pattern is awesome--I would make it again and again! The trim really makes it. Love the shoes too--perfection.

  2. Yay for happy sewing endings!!! Lovely dress! The asymmetrical trim is fantastic! And well done on those fancy mitred corners!

  3. Two words-Class Act! You look so tailored and lovely!

  4. A perfect dress for the upcoming summertime! It just looks like something you could wear on a picnic or for working in the kitchen on a hot day. ;) Love the coordinating fabrics and the high-quality workmanship. And, of course, the shoes. Awesome fun!

  5. Looks like a lovely practical dress! And those shoes. Positively perfect!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  6. What a classic, beautiful dress. I just love how it came together for you in the end and think that it looks marvelous on you, sweet dear. Three cheers for turning it around for yourself in the end.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Thank you all so much, ladies!! :) You are so sweet!


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