Wednesday, February 3, 2016

• 1930s Polka Dot Dress •

It's time for yet another throwback post! :)

I made this dress late last summer, after buying a gorgeous vintage pattern on Etsy. The design seemed perfect for the fabric, and I even had two big buttons that coordinated perfectly! 

As much fun as I had making this dress, it just does not receive enough love from me. So as a result, I've listed it in my Etsy shop! Click here to see the listing.

The pattern I used, 1937 McCall #9225. I have used the skirt pattern for several garments, one of which is raglan sleeve 1930s dress.

The design of the bodice is very interesting; the collar only comes to where the yoke ends, rather than down further like an ordinary collar, and the lapels are nice and big. You've just got to love 1930s fashions! Always something out of the ordinary. ;)

The construction was a bit tricky in places! The placket was sewn onto each edge of the bodice, and then the bodice actually was lapped over the placket and topstitched. It was pretty fun seeing it come together!

I paired this dress with my 1930-40s fedora, made from the Wearing History  Pattern. Although it was blogged first with my raglan sleeve dress (and then the plaid Christmas dress), I actually made it to go with this dress! I am looking forward to making another one, only in wool this time to match a 1930s dress that I'm making next.

The dress is very comfortable due to the design, and the light-colored fabric is just perfect for summer!

Eeek!! My sandals!!!
I found these amazing Remix Vintage sandals on Ebay late last summer, and was thrilled to be able to get them! They ended up costing only $56, which is approximately a 70% discount from the normal price of $188. Good deal? I think so!!
They are very comfortable, and *so* 1930s. Of course, it felt a little funny buying sandals as summer was coming to an end, but I'm so glad I got them. They're very comfortable, and I needed some truly vintage-compatible sandals badly! I am looking forward to wearing them again this spring and summer.

Oh, and this post makes me miss my vintage watch very much! I bought it at an antique shop last summer for about $15 or so - a gorgeous vintage, wind-up watch with an expansion band! It fit, kept time perfectly, but then one day......yep. Something inside snapped and it will no longer wind up. It makes me so sad! I'll have to see if anyone around here fixes watches like that, although I rather doubt it in this day and age of battery-powered everythings!

Oh well, I can still wear it....only I will know that it's not tick-tocking. ;)

Be sure to check out the listing on Etsy! 

In the mean time, have a lovely rest of the week! Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Oh my goodness! This pattern made up so adorably! I am in love! I am such a dork though...when I was the pattern jacket, I thought, "I have that pattern!" Duh! hahahahaha!! Ohmy. Well, I can't wait to make it up as you have made it so darling!

    1. Thank you so much, Gina!! :) Heehee, yep, you do have that pattern! Can't wait to see your version!

  2. Hurrah for more 1930's! :) I guess I am officially hooked on this decade that I didn't quite realize even existed not too long ago. :) It is a darling dress and I love the classic summery-ness of it. I can hardly believe it isn't getting enough love from you...but that means someone else will be able to enjoy it!

  3. Such a fun dress, and I love the placket detail. What a pity about your watch! I just purchased a 1930s wind-up watch last weekend. It is positively delightful, since it adds that perfect touch of vintage to an outfit, especially considering this time oriented person doesn't really get by very well if I don't have a watch. I hope you can get yours fixed soon!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Thank you, Brigid!! Ooh, your watch sounds lovely!

  4. Such a sweet summer look! I can't wait for some sunshine to make an appearance.

    1. Thank you so much, Christina! I can't wait too!

  5. I love the placket on this dress. Could you possibly do a tutorial on this when you re-make it?

  6. Loving the pattern of this adorable outfit ,you really look beautifull


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