Friday, October 30, 2015

• The Latest Antique Haul •

I can't believe it's almost November!! Where has the year gone?! The time is passing awfully fast, but I'm actually really looking forward to winter. :)
In any case, here's our latest antique finds! We went antiquing last weekend, and boy did we have fun!! The first store we went to didn't have a whole lot of stuff we were interested in, but the next one was smashing! So smashing that we spent all our money. :) But that's why we went, right?!

It was a humongous antique store, and they had pretty much anything and everything you could possibly want. And it was all amazing! They had an 1830s couch (gorgeous, of course, and YES I wanted it), two different 1850s baby carriages, one of which was wooden, had "Baby" carved on the side, red velvet lining and a silk tasseled umbrella overhead. That's what I call riding in the lap of luxury. I wanted that too.
Another booth had 40-50 Sears, Montgomery Wards, etc catalogs from the 1940s-60s. It was just too amazing. I could go there and read clothing catalogs like it was a library. ;)
Then there was the especially sewing-oriented booth. Hehehe.

Zillions of buttons. Well, not zillions, but quite a few, and they're so neat! My particular favorite are the ones on the top right. They look just like marbles, but they are in fact buttons!! :) I already have a plan for them.

And....patterns!!!!! I'm pretty sure patterns are my favorite thing to shop for at antique stores. I just love them. We got a number of adorable kids' patterns, plus an apron and dress pattern that's our size.
Butterick 4420, McCall 5710 and Simplicity 1472 are all listed in the Etsy shop! The rest that aren't my size I'm just hoarding. Because vintage patterns are sometimes almost always too. amazing. to let go.

Ordinarily, we can't bear to buy an apron, however amazing it is. We just can't do it. The ever-prominent saying, "Oh, we could make one of those!" always prevails. Except this time.
This teapot/vase/sugarbowl/flower-laden beauty rendered itself irresistible. The fact that it is completely hand-sewn was a contributing factor! The print is seriously adorable, and it's just so pretty!! :)

So pretty!! :)

Here's where things get amazing. We bought 13 separate and distinct belt buckles!!!!! (!!)
All of them were either $1 or $2, which is a very decent price, if you ask me.
And would you just look at that red one?!! We have crowned it "The Most Amazing Buckle EVER." It really is. And it matches and fits so many of our dresses/belts we already have, it's just incredible. Eeek!!
And on a side note, the white buckle came with those four white buttons in the button photo. And....of course.....I already have a plan for them too. ;)

Since we didn't quite feel like dishing out $35 for a great big dress catalog, we bought this smaller "Midsummer Sale Book" for under $10. And it's surprisingly loaded with everything you can think of, up to and including typewriters, refrigerators, and dolls' bathtubs.

I was very excited to add this Deanna Durbin sheet music to my collection! Eventually I hope to collect all of them, but I've still got a long way to go.

Aaaannnd, a very large photo of a button hook! At least you can see it in detail! ;)
We only have a really small, short button hook, so it was great to find this nice, long, big one. I can't wait to try it out on my Renoirs!!

I couldn't help but throw in a couple pictures of our fabric haul as well! We stopped at Hancock Fabrics and found a couple of real treasures! First off is this wool-look fabric my mom got. It's the most gorgeous color of green! We are in desperate need of some wintry fabrics, so this was a good investment!!

And this is what I'm seriously excited about. Remember my green 1940s dress? This is the very same print, only in black. And I have wanted it for at least two years!!! When I bought the green, I had deliberated between it and this black, but went with the green because it was more practical. I saw it again on a later trip to Hancock, but once again passed it up. I just recently told my mom that if I ever saw the black fabric again, I was buying it for an 1800s dress of some sort! 
I searched all over the place at this Hancock store with no success, but then found it in the clearance section for $2.79 a yard. EEEK! Yes, I bought it all! Sadly there were only 6 3/4 yards, but I can still get a very decent dress out of that! It's the most wonderful fabric; it's very thick and stable, but at the same time it doesn't wrinkle one bit. AND, it's made in USA. So basically, it's a winner. ;)
It's destined to be an 1830s dress to wear to several mansions of that era when we go on vacation early next year. Speaking of which, we've got a whole week's worth of outfits to make! You just can't go on vacation in old clothes, you know! ;)

See you Monday!
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  1. Oh my goodness, did you two ever have fun!!! :) Made out like bandits, if you ask me. :) I can't wait to see what you do with all your pretties. The fabrics you found are just lovely. (I recently visited a Hancock's for the first time and boy did I find a lot. FUN!!!) I had to smile at your comment of making new clothes for your trip. What a fun project! I'm afraid I usually pack OLD clothes for our vacations, but then we do a lot of hiking so new things would get spoiled. And I think I'll take one of each of the dresses advertised in the little booklet. Why oh why can't they still sell clothes like that today?! Thanks for sharing your shopping adventure with us. You write such a good article, it felt like I was right there with you excited over what you found. Have a great day, Esther!

    1. We did have fun!!! I'm so glad you liked this post! You're too sweet! :)
      My idea of having all "new" clothes for our trip is probably slightly far-fetched, but it's still my goal. It makes it so neat to get to wear something completely unworn for the first time! :) We're going south, so I'm thinking of a couple of sundress-type dresses, plus an 1820s and an 1830s dress, and I don't know what else! We never do any hiking on vacation though, we just sort of act like tourists. ;) The hiking sounds awfully fun though!
      I wish they still sold dresses like that too!!! I think we were both definitely born in the wrong era.
      Thanks so much for your comment, Sarah!! :) I can't wait to hear what you got at Hancock!

    2. I hope you post progress of your vacation sewing on the blog so we can see your new pretties. :) Yes, it is a special feeling to wear a new outfit for the first time, especially when it was sewn with a purpose/event/destination in mind. I like the sounds of your historical dresses!!! Check out "Historical" if you are not familiar yet with it, Jennifer Rosbrough has wonderful advice on the 1830's (and every other time period too! I've learned SOOO much from her.) Oh yes, hiking is wonderful fun, especially up North, as you saw..... ;) If you lived closer I'd take you along on our next adventure! I realize I didn't mention what I got at Hancock when I wrote, I'll have to tell you all about that story, as it is a really neat one. :) Awww, another excuse to write!

    3. Oooh yes, I will! :) I am looking forward to sewing for vacation!
      I love Jennifer's site - I haven't had time to explore it in depth yet, but I have found a lot of helpful info on there already. I learned how to sew cartridge pleats from her, for one thing! :)
      I would love hiking up there! Mmmm. I love Duluth.

  2. This is such a great haul. You are really making me wanting to go antiquing again.

    1. Thank you, Kaitlyn! I just love antiquing. I hope you have fun doing so soon! :)

  3. I practically at a loss for words! Goodness me, what an incredible haul and selection of items. The buckles alone are jaw droppingly amazing, but to have found this whole slew of items in one weekend is beyond in impressive. Way to go - and many thanks for sharing about your awesome scores with all of us. They're soooo pretty!!!!!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Great finds Esther! I too collect sheet music, and actually have some Deanna Durbin music, "My Own" from "That Certain Age", such a pretty song! My favorite collection that I have been working on for a while is all of the popular Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald duets in sheet music. All of your sewing finds are terrific! Have fun sewing!

    1. Thanks, Sarah!! Ooooh, I love "My Own!" I don't have that one. I would love to find it somewhere. :)
      Thanks again!


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