Friday, August 7, 2015

In the Apron Stash • Feathered Friends

A month or two ago, I found an adorable vintage girl's apron at an antique store. Never before in my life have I actually bought an apron! The old line of "Oh, I can make one of those!" usually prevails. This apron, however, was an exception. Its adorableness was just too irresistible.

So, a few days ago when I got the itch to sew up something for the shop, I decided to sew a little apron patterned after my vintage one!

The original apron. The style is so cute!!

Look. At. That. FABRIC. If only I had about 500 million yards of it. Yes, I would make 100 million dresses out of the same exact fabric. And like it!
Actually though, I'd even settle for just one yard of it. ;)

The apron itself is in perfect condition; no stains whatsoever, no tears, no rips. The only part of it that is worn is the seam binding, which I can easily replace.

The fabric I used is slightly less vintage-y, but still absolutely adorable. I bound the apron with some yellow/mustard polka dot fabric I had in the stash. I had never thought of putting them together, but they match perfectly!

The apron ties at the back neck and around the waist.

I love the look of narrow seam binding, however finger-scorching it is to make it! It looks so much more vintage than the wider widths, at least for a little apron.

I can't wait to make more of these little aprons! They're absolutely adorable, and quite fun to make.

Check out the listing for this apron in my shop here.
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  1. This is an adorable apron style!! I love seeing little girls in aprons. : )

  2. How sweet! Glad I stumbled upon your blog, you are so talented! Greetings from Italy

  3. I love the bird fabric! Birds are one of my favorite things/critters/designs :) and you did a fine job reproducing the beautiful original! PS. I've never bought an apron either! :)

  4. That is so gorgeous. I don't actually own any aprons, but I do plan on making one for myself soon

  5. Absolutely fantastic apron, so sweet! I love little girls in aprons and ribbons in their hair. Great job, yours turned out beautifully!

  6. So immensely sweet and charming. That is a positively beautiful fabric!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. What a delightful apron! I like how you updated the vintage silhouette by using a more "modern" fabric. It looks lovely!

    the Middle Sister and Singer


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