Friday, March 20, 2015

Excerpts From the Past • 1911 Woman's Home Companion • Vol I

Since Brigid and Cassie went with an early 1900s theme for their Magazine Monday scans, I decided to go with the flow and do the same!
We found this 1911 Woman's Home Companion magazine at an antique store about a month ago, and just couldn't resist it. I knew from that moment that it would be delightful for sharing in my Excerpts From the Past series! The magazine is a little bit rough-looking on the outside - in fact, the previous owner had duct-taped the binding to hold it together. Not very romantic, but quite practical nonetheless! I decided to try my hand at editing it out, and I think it came out fairly well, considering. Between Photoshop, Picasa, and Paint, I was able to make it look a little more like it should. :)

My mom has a knack for finding the most amazing lace collars and antique doo-hickeys, and this jabot is no exception. It's so pretty; I can't wait to see it in action on an Edwardian blouse or dress!
Since the watch is also my mom's (an heirloom from her grandma), I can credit all of today's beautiful photo props to her. 

As there are exactly 97 pages (don't worry, I'm not sharing all of them) in this magazine, I decided to split it up into two separate posts. Today we'll be looking at hand-work, baby clothes, ladies' blouses and skirts. 
Next time it will be mostly dresses!

First off is this whole-page article about general house-keeping helps. Such practical information!! It's hard to imagine such things being printed in a magazine nowadays.

These little girls' hats are too adorable. My favorite is that little sunbonnet (Little House on the Praire, anyone?), but they are all quite irresistible!

How cute are those baby outfits?! I'll say this right now though, my little baby boys aren't going to be wearing dresses. One can take vintage-style dressing too far. ;)

Ahhhh. Dainty summer blouses. I just adore that sailor blouse on the top left. All of the styles are simply delightful, and the very epitome of lady-like clothing. Those hats in the "Flaxon Fabric" ad are just gorgeous as well!

One thing I have never really considered is embroidery on clothing, but it is definitely a good idea for Edwardian garments! It gives them such a beautiful, delicate look. I'm starting to get in a defnite Edwardian-sewing mood, so I may be putting these ideas into action soon!

Those hats....heehee. They're almost hilarious, but yet I like them! They're so girly.

Lastly is this whole page full of gorgeous skirts. I really can't even pick a favorite. They're all too delightful! The buttons and seaming details make them so interesting and beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed this week's Excerpts From the Past! It makes for quite the entertaining read, and even the ads are intriguing!

Also, I want to thank you all for your sweet, lovely comments on my last post!! You are so very kind! :)
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  1. Oh, those blouses are indeed lovely. He he, no you won't catch my boys in dresses either. :D


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    P.S. Don't forget, you can link up your post on the Magazine Monday post I put up this past week, so all of my blog readers will be able to see and enjoy this lovely magazine too!

    1. Thanks, Brigid!! I'm glad to hear it. ;)
      Thanks for the reminder about linking up to MM! For some reason I had forgotten to do so, so thanks for reminding me!! :)

  2. I always love the excerpts from the past posts that you write, so thank you; it's really hard to get hold of antique things where I live without paying an arm and a leg for them! I did however get a reprint of lots of tips for ladies from the 30s, which made an interesting read and tons of inspiration.

    Embroidery on clothes is so beautiful, and if you do some sometime I'll really look forward to seeing it!

    1. Thank you so much, Milky Usagi!! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy them.
      I'll be sure to share any embroidery that I do - I just need to work up the incentive to do it! ;)

  3. Oh my, what lovely things! Such fun to look at - thanks for sharing! :)

  4. These pages are such special treasures from the past. It was a pleasure to see and smile over them, dear gal, thank you very much for sharing this lovely slice of the Edwardian era with us.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Oh what a fabulously fun Home Companion! I seriously love this era. Everything looks so fresh and clean and lovely! Thank you for sharing this with me on my blog...I can't wait to peruse your blog!

    1. Thank you, Gina!! Isn't it lovely? This has to be the loveliest era ever....!
      I'm so happy to have you following along! Thank you!


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