Monday, January 19, 2015

• 1930s Wintry Plaid Skirt •

At last!! I made something wintry!!
It did seem like I never would there for a while, but I'm a firm believer in making whatever kind of garment I feel like, whether it is seasonable or not. Everything just seems to go better that way!
In any case, I did, at long last, make something that is winter-friendly, and I love it! I was starting to desire something warm after freezing to death in little cotton dresses. (Don't worry, I'm still making them left and right.)

I got the fabric last fall, hoping to make something like this skirt. I never worked up the nerve to make it though, so the fabric sat patiently in the stash all these months. I pulled it out with trepidation a couple of weeks ago, wanting to make a skirt, yet not wanting to because of my lack of blouses to match.
I finally set my fears aside and jumped in, figuring that I probably had something that remotely matched it in the sweater department.

I had just finished making another plaid garment (coming up on the blog soon), so I felt slightly nutty jumping from one plaid right into another one. Somehow though, I managed to escape enormous frustration and whipped up the skirt anyway.

I used McCall pattern 6993, but skipped the yoke and just made a regular waistband. I also made the pleats begin about an inch and a half lower than the pattern since I was lengthening it...a lot.

This particular flannel, while being of fairly nice quality, still isn't the greatest, so although I matched the plaids to the utmost of my ability, they aren't perfect. The fabric has an element of almost-stretchiness which made it a little annoying to work with. It's very soft, warm, and comfortable, however, so I can overlook the deficiencies. It has become a definite winter wardrobe staple!

The pattern calls for pleats cut on the straight grain, but I wanted to add a little extra vintage flair to the skirt, so I cut them on the bias. I really like the effect, and I think it would look splendid in a more stable wool fabric.

This little jade brooch was my grandma's. I'm not sure where or when she got it, but it is definitely one of my favorites.

I have made this skirt in a solid color as well, but it is strangely loose in the waist, so before it gets any blog outings, it's going to have to face some revisions. This skirt, I'm glad to say, fits like a glove! :)

I am still on a definite 1940s kick, but I may force myself to take a break from it and venture into colonial sewing. I've got the shoes, I've got the fabrics, now I just need the clothes. And the HSM challenge for this month (foundations) is the perfect incentive to get started. We'll see how it goes! I am almost excited! ;)

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  1. I love this skirt! I absolutely love wearing plaid...but loathe sewing with it. I have some pretty pastel wool plaid that I bought at my favorite thrift store a couple years ago. yep, still putting off making a skirt. Maybe I will finally muster the courage before this winter is over! :)

    1. Thanks, Miss Michelle!! I know, working up the courage to make plaid skirts isn't easy, but very rewarding at last! :) Hope you get to yours before spring!

  2. Love it! The perfect plaid skirt.

  3. Oh, your skirt turned out beautifully Esther! The colors are so warm and wintry looking. Beautiful job!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Thanks, Brigid!! :) It is indeed wonderfully warm and soft!!


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