Monday, August 25, 2014

• A Regency Petticoat •

A while back I was planning on making a Regency bodiced petticoat, but I decided that for now, an un-bodiced one would be much more practical. I had some really lovely muslin, so I finally decided to whip up a petticoat. I used the Simplicity 4055 skirt front piece for the front, making the edges go straight in rather than curving in and back out. For the back, I just cut a piece the width of the fabric, and as long as I wanted it. 
There are four big pleats in the back, and four tiny ones in the front. I also added a placket and put on a waistband with a tab closure.
Originally, I was planning on putting in four rows of cording, but finally decided that I wanted ruffles instead. They look so cute peeking out from underneath the dress, like in this picture:

I made a 2" ruffle out of a double layer of fabric so that it would be stiff, and I wouldn't have to hem it! The hardest part of the whole petticoat was gathering up all that ruffle! Other than that though, it was a fast and easy project.
And even though it's a Regency petticoat, I can totally see wearing it with Victorian and Edwardian styles as well.



Inside view of ruffle. (I know....they didn't have sergers in 1814. Oh well.)
Other sewing room news:
I've got buttons coming for my spencer jacket, so that should finally be done by this weekend.
We're sewing fast and furious in preparation for a fall vacation. Long sleeved 1950s dresses, plaid half circle skirts, Regency dresses, all kinds of goodies. I can't wait to share them with you!
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