Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY Spring Wreath

I love wreaths...they make everything pretty even when it's 6 degrees out. So, I especially love this new spring wreath I just made! I wanted it to have a definite spring look, so I chose a pussy willow branch, some baby's breath and a peony. It's definitely a simple wreath, but I think that just makes it more aauthentically spring-y.
Flowers: Walmart, $2 and $3
Wreath: Walmart, $4.50
Letter: Meijer, $3
FYI: I got the supplies at Walmart because it is the only craft store in my area...I usually try to avoid it at all costs due to an overall lack of quality.

And, coming very soon is this.....

...just as soon as I finish the hem and take pictures.
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1 comment:

  1. So cute! I end up getting craft stuff at Walmart too, sometimes...ours has a ton of stuff (even fabric) and it's hard to resist if I'm in there, even though I have lots of craft store options nearby (which is awesome).

    Pinned this - thanks for linking up to Wordy Wednesday! :)


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