Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chevron Maxi Skirt's my latest project!! (applause) The other day I wanted a new maxi skirt SO bad, so I decided to make one. I used two yards of Riley Blake Chevron. It is such nice fabric, and the print is very even. 
Now for the tutorial:
There is no you-must-do-it-this-way-or-else way of doing this - pretty much just lay out your fabric and go to town. Here's the instructions anyway.
I'm about 6', and this is about ankle length (not quite the standard maxi length), so keep that in mind when you are making it. After you turn under the waistband, you may want to try it on so that you'll know if it's waayyyy to long or short. 
Lay out your fabric and cut it in half. Next, you need to measure your hips at the widest point, and then add anywhere from 3-5 inches to that, depending on how tight or loose you want it. I would recommend 5 or so - that's what I did. 
Next, mark your adjusted hip measurement 3 inches below the top edge of the fabric. 
Lay a yard stick on the fabric, with the edge starting at your hip measurement mark. Angle the yardstick out to the edge of the fabric in order to create a slight angle. (This is a slightly A-line skirt) Mark with a disappearing marker and baste. 
Now you need to try on the skirt to make sure that it is going to fit in the correct way. Keep in mind that it will have elastic in the waist, so it is going to be large on the waist at this point. 
If it fits correctly, sew or serge just in from your baste line. 
Turn hem under twice (you can make it as large or as small as you want) and sew. This may be a little bit tricky since it is an A-line skirt (sometimes tear-jerking tricky). If you are having problems with "too much" fabric as you sew, just stretch the fabric a little bit as you sew it and it should take care of the problem. 
Turn under the top edge 1/4". Turn it over again 1 1/2". Sew, about 1/8" from the turned over edge, leaving a 5-6" gap in the center back of the skirt. 
Thread the elastic through the waistband. Try on the skirt, and pin the elastic together, overlapping the ends. Sew the elastic together (I sew a square, and then an X inside the square). Tie thread ends. 
Pull all the gathers to the front of the skirt so that your open gap is laying flat. Sew seam, backstitching on both ends. If you want to, you can sew vertical seams on the sides and on the front and back so that your gathers don't move around, but you do not have to. 
You're done!!! This took me about an hour or so, but only because it was just one of those days. Next time it would be a lot faster. Have fun!!

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  1. Very cute! I will try to attempt sewing on day! Thanks for sharing on my blog hop!

  2. Love the skirt, I love maxi skirt and dresses. Thank you so much for linking up to my What We Wore link Party! Hope to see more from you next time.


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