Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chevron Ruffle Tote: Pinterest Project #4

 Here we have my 4th Pinterest Project from Six Projects in Six Weeks!!! It is a ruffle tote made with Riley Blake green chevron, some coordinating cotton from Joann, and a tote bag from Walmart. They come in a three-pack for about $8. (Kinda pricey if you ask me, but whatever. It's worth the investment.) The pattern for this is from Blue Robin Cottage. I fell in love with this tote a while back, pinned it, and of course forgot about it. So that is why I started the Six Projects in Six Weeks ~ to utilize all the awesome stuff we've pinned on Pinterest!! 
I pretty much followed all of her directions, except that I made the ruffles go all the way around the tote instead of just on the front. Also for the ruffling - I basted at 3/4" and 1", and then sewed in between the two baste lines. I tripled the entire width of the tote (front and back), and cut that much fabric out. (I had to piece it). When you are pinning it on - just overlap the edges on one side of the tote - they don't really show that way. On the top ruffle I removed the basting stitches after sewing it on so that they didn't show. My flowers are made just like this except that I sewed them instead of gluing. I just pinned them on with safety pins too - that way I can take them off before washing.
 Have fun with this project - I know you'll love it as much as I do when you're done. Feel free to comment and share a picture of yours! 

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  1. Cute tote! I love the ruffles and the flowers! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!


  2. Oh my goodness, how cute! I love it!! Can you make me one?? ;)

    I love your fabric flowers! I make those all the time!

    I also do "Pinterest posts" on my blog: Today's posts is how I tried a specific t-shirt scarf tutorial I found on Pinterest. Isn't it fun to try all of those awesome ideas (and a few flops) on Pinterest? :D

    1. Thank you! :) I really love it. It's really easy to make, it just takes a little while.
      I definitely love making stuff from Pinterest!! I checked out your blog - it's awesome!!
      Thanks for stopping by.


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