Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another 20-Minute Baby Skirt

So, I made another little baby skirt. I absolutely love this one! It came out really cute. I love how these little skirts are SO easy and fast to make. And with babies, you don't have to be as precise as with adults because babies can grow into whatever you make. This skirt can actually be worn four different ways. It is super cute whichever way you put it on. The tutorial for this skirt is here. Note the slight size difference - the measurements are shown below. Other than that, the skirt is made exactly the same.
I bought three pieces of fabric, each one being 1/3 of a yard. I can get easily three skirts out of this with extra scraps leftover. This is a great project for using up small amounts of fabric.
~Pieces to cut out:
1 piece each of two different floral patterns, with each one measuring 11" wide by 12" long.
2 pieces (zigzag), with each one measuring 6" wide by 12" long.  
Finished Measurements:
17" waist circumference
10" length

View 1

View 2

View 3

View 4
Have fun with your project!! Let me know how it works out for you.

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  1. it turned out gorgeous. we love to use up scraps which seems hopelessly small to make lovely kid's clothes. :o)

  2. Gorgeous skirt! The fabric is so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

    Navy Wifey Peters


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