Monday, November 10, 2014

• Fabric Findings & Inspiration •

For some reason, I am unable to resist tiny floral fabrics. It seems like that's all I ever buy! I'm actually okay with that though, because I looove them.
I didn't know what I'd make out of this fabric when I first saw it, but I did know that I adored it, so it wasn't long before it made its way into my arms.
As soon as I saw this dress on Pinterest, the question of design was settled.

I love everything about this dress; the color, the fabric, the ruffles. Everything. I can't wait to make my version of it. And even though it's not made yet, I've already named it. The Christmas dress. Tell me you can't look at it and see festive, wintery prettiness!!

This lovely cotton print (ahem...hello, tiny floral!!) is from Hancock Fabrics in Duluth. I have to say that our local Hancock is nothing to write home about, but the store in Duluth is a whole other story. Tons of sale fabric (we're talking $1 a yard), and just tons of beautiful fabrics in every kind of pattern you can think of. I got this green floral for the enormous amount of $3.50 a yard, AND it's made in USA. Oh yeah. That's what I call amazing!!
I'm going to make an 1860s ruffle-icious dress out of it, and that happens to be my next project! I am ex-cit-ed to make it. I seem to have an overwhelming love for Civil War era styles right now. Honestly, who can resist ruffly, long, elegant dresses?

This is a pretty fair example of what I want, although I am probably going to make it with a round neck. Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles!

Ah, my pride and joy. I have loved this fabric for a year, I'm sure. Every single time we went to Joann, I would stop, pull it out, look, and put it back.
Well, the time came in which I could no longer resist it.
The question is, what on earth do I make it into?

I'm not sure if I can even express just how I feel about this 1930s dress. I love it that much. And it might just be good since my fabric is somewhat of a plaid. Mmmm.

And....lastly is my lovely pink (tiny. floral.) polyester fabric! Pink is my favorite color, so it was about time I got some more fabrics in that hue! I'm planning on making a lovely 1940s spring dress out of this using Simplicity 1587. It should be lovely in that pattern because of the fabric's drapiness, although the pleats are less than enjoyable when sewing with slippery fabric. *groan* It will be worth it though, I'm quite sure.
That's all for now, but next time I hope to have some dress pictures to share!
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  1. Oh! All of those choices are gorgeous and perfect! I can't wait to see the finished products! That fabric destined to be a 30's dress is my favorite. :)


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Wow-lovely fabrics--and inspiration pictures! Love your blog...thanks for leaving me such a nice comment!

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