Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Machine Knit Latch-up Scarf

Machine Knit Latch-up Scarf

bulky machine
You will need:
-several strands of fine yarn, or two strands of sport weight (just try some combinations and come up with something that you like)
I latched up the guy's scarf differently for a more manly effect.

The pattern:

For a little girl's scarf, E-wrap CO 16-0-16, from left to right, leaving 6 needles in work, 4 out, 12 in, 4 out, and 6 in. Leaving the needles out of work allows you to latch up the edges, which makes them lay very nice and flat as you can see in the pictures. Knit 284 rows. Transfer onto the garter bar. Latch up the out of work stitches, (pretend that however many strands of yarn you're using are one and take 2 "strands" through 2 "strands") Bind off all stitches except the end stitches (one stitch on each end), leaving those two on safety pins. Once you have done this, take the end stitches off the pins and unravel them as you latch them up (take two "strands" from one side and pull them through the other side.) Once you have done this, crochet a shell stitch into every stitch, creating a ruffled effect.
For a woman's scarf, E-wrap CO 20-0-20, from left to right, leaving 8 needles in work, 4 out, 16 in, 4 out, and 8 in. Knit 331 rows. Latch up, connect, and edge like the child's scarf.
For a man's scarf, E-wrap CO 28-0-28, from left to right, leaving 12 needles in work, 4 out, 24 in, 4 out, and 12 in. Knit 383 rows, knitting the first and last row 2 tensions tighter. (only do this on the man's scarf). Refer to little girl's scarf for binding off and latching up edges. To join, take the safety pins out and unravel the edge stitches as you latch them up: take one "strand" from each side so you have two "strands" on your latch tool. Then take another "strand" from each side and pull the first two "strands" through the last two. This creates a more manly look that matches the edge latching perfectly. Join the bottom edges.
Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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