Friday, September 23, 2016

1940s Separates • Two Old Beans-Style

Today (albeit a few days late!), I'm sharing one of my favorite outfits!!  :)  I've been wanting to get pictures of it for a long while now, and we finally got around to it this week. 

Since I make pretty much all of my clothes, it is always fun to shock someone with the statement that "No, I didn't make this!"  ;)  

This pretty little vintage 1940s blouse is one I got from Two Old Beans, when they were having an Instasale.  It was only $8 or so, and just needed a good soaking and hemming.  I would call that an amazing deal!!!

(Naturally, I had to pair my 1940s oxfords with this outfit, also from Two Old Beans)

Strangely, even though the blouse fits perfectly in the shoulders (hurrah!!!), it is quite short.  As a consequence, it had only four buttons, the last of which was the second from the bottom one that you see in the picture above.  The solution?  Make three more buttonholes and sew on new buttons!!  :)  It worked like a charm, and made it a very comfortable and practical-to-wear blouse. 

The pink piping on the center front and collar adds just enough accent to make it cute.  ;) 

Amazingly enough, this blouse has turned out to be just about my favorite garment that I own!!  I definitely am looking forward to replicating it.  It fits so well, and is *so* comfortable, which has been a must for me of late.  

I did make my jacket, and it is a definite favorite as well.  I actually made it way back in April or so, as a sort of wearable mockup for a future jacket I want to make (for my future WAVES ensemble).  You might recognize the fabric from my late 1940s dress.  Nicely enough, there was plenty enough fabric leftover from that to make a jacket! 

I used this pattern, Simplicity 4492, from the first half of the 1940s.  It is a very fun style, very comfortable, and a very easy-to-make pattern!  I actually made it start-to-finish, cutting to hemming, on a Saturday, intent on wearing it for church the next day.   It got done in plenty of time, so that kind of proves its ease of assembly!!  :)

The little tie-bow adds a fun touch, especially for a lighter weight fabric (something other than wool).  
The jacket has darts extending into tucks at the waist, as well as darts that come down from the shoulder seam in front.  The three-quarter-length sleeves have gathering at the elbows, as opposed to darts.

These buttons have to be in the Top Five category of my most favorite buttons ever.  :)  They almost look like wood, but they are in fact plastic.  And they came off of the loveliest vintage card - it's almost sad sometimes to have to take them off of the cards that they've been on for upwards of 70 years!

To my great joy, the collar was a cinch to make, just like the rest of the jacket.  And (favorite part!), it is not lined!!!!!  As you probably know, I'm always shirking having to line garments whenever possible, so to have it actually be legitimately okay to do makes me quite happy!!  ;)


Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely weekend!!

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  1. Absolutely lovely look, sweet dear. This is a truly classic ensemble in my books. I'm delighted that blazer weather is upon us again.

    Many hugs & happy start of fall wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Beautiful outfit! Happy Monday ♥

  3. Super adorable!!! Great job on that jacket!


  4. I am in love with this beautiful jacket,such an adorable vintage outfit


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